Swaragini 7th September 2016 Written Updates Online Episode: Laksh Gets A Job


Parineeta was doing whatever she can do to hurt the whole family and she is succeeding in doing so, she was giving too much of insult and disgust to the Durga Prasad and Annapurna so that they will get hurt the most. The next day when Annapurna was asking the servants to prepare the breakfast for them, Parineeta seriously insulted them in front of the servants and ask the servants to do their work first and then Annapurna at the end have to make the food on herself.


Then suddenly when she was taking the prepared food to the room, Lake, Swara, Ragini and Sanskar come into the house and start asking them about their good being, Parineeta comes downstairs and starts making fun of them, while they were just listening. When the limit goes off and Lakshmi loses his temper he starts warning Parineeta to stop whatever she is doing, Adarsh comes downstairs and starts threatening Laksh for not giving away this type of language and words with her wife. Laksh becomes very annoyed by listening to this, they all starts making them understand but they were not listening to them and didn’t change their decision of changing their room.

Parineeta gives order to Parineeta to ask them the leave the house and she does it, after everyone went away Annapurna looks at Durga Prasad who got fainted because of his health and Annapurna got very hopeless and starts calling Adarsh and Parineeta downstairs to look for him, they somehow called the doctor by making a favor to her. Everybody when went to the home and was very worried about both of them and starts to search for a possible job, Sankar gets a call and suddenly runs from the home because he was called for an interview and later he was selected for the job. PArineeta was telling all the things to Dadi and they both wee very happy to see this condition of all of them.

Durga Prasad and Annapurna was becoming very regretting on their upbringing as their son is doing this much of things with him. When Sanskar comes to home everyone was very happy and praise his efforts. Dadi who was watching them gets curious about why they all are happy even at this time and try to listen to them and went to their home but before she listens to something, Sujata comes out and she has to hide because of her.

Laksh starts becoming restless and tries to do everything which is possible to bring back his parents, he went to the job which was given in the newspaper about a job and the man there tells him to deliver a parcel but with very care and he will be paid very high price for it. Ragini and Swara both gets very curious about Laksh’s reactions and behaviour which is slightly changed now, they were also worried because he might take a wrong step and might get into a problem.

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