Swaragini 8th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Swara Will Expose Dadi Very Soon


The show starts and we see sanskar and swara come to aadarsh and he says that he was thinking of giving divorce to her but now where is gone. Swara and sanskar say that she will be found. Then swara gives aarti to Annapurna thinking that is pareenita doing acting of her missing? and tells everyone that they should search pareenita and ragini says that no they shouldn’t. Annapurna and sujata says that ragini is right they don’t want her to be back and even aadarsh doesn’t want.


Swara thinks that ragini is hiding something or what? just then she gets call of sulekha calling her out of their house and ragini hears them and gets worried. Swara meets sulekha and she shows swara, the purse of pareenita which police has found under the bridge and asks her for help in finding her as she is in any problem, ragini sees them and calls sujata and Annapurna from inside and they come. Annapurna scolds swara for talking with her against their wish and asks sulekha to leave from there as pareenita was their bahu but after rajat’s accident she is nothing to them. Sujata tells swara that its good ragini informed them seeing you with sulekha.

Swara asks ragini that why she did this then she replies that they should accept their elder’s saying, swara asks her that has she gone that place where pareenita’s purse is found and ragini asks shockingly that what she meant? Swara says nothing and she leaves. There dadi gets a call of nurse asking about her wound and also blackmailing her, then dadi replies that she remember her and ends the call. Ragini sees a envelop in her room and opens it. She finds the torn pics of hers with pareenita on bridge, she gets shocked and pics slips from her hand on the floor. Swara is coming there and ragini picks them sitting down and swara comes saying ragini… Then ragini keeps them in dustbin and says that its good she came.

Swara again asks her that why she informed sujata and Annapurna about her and sulekha, then ragini says that they saw her theirselves and she was with them. Swara says that sujata told her something else and ragini asks that is she doubting on her? Swara says no but they have to search her, and ragini says no its enough and jokes on her spy mind and says that she is going to take clothes from laundry. swara goes and ragini takes deep breath, and swara thinks that she is sure something is wrong with ragini. There dadi thinks sumi told that swara saw her in the temple and now what to do? then she calls swara and swara asks her that how is she and dadi says that sumi told swara was asking about her and adds that she went to temple but didn’t go to that temple taking name of it…Swara asks shockingly that how did she knows?

Precap: we will see ragini sees blackmailer going out of their house and finds laks with same hooded tshirt, and gets shocked. There swara tells dadi that she will be exposed soon……

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