‘Swaragini’ Live Updates: Parineeta Threatens Ragini To Reveal Her Pregnancy Drama!


The show which features the story of two sisters who firstly were unable to make good contacts because of their family problems and the conflicts which happened in their family due to their parents and they were unable too to stay in contact to each other.

But some how when the time passes they come closer to each other and both parents become once again. So right now the story is at a point where there is a huge drama in the Maheshwari house after Swara slapped her sister-in-law Parineeta. Adarsh has threatened her that he will going to take divorce from her if she stays doing all this. Then Ragini is being blackmailed by Pari.


She will threaten to expose Ragini’s fake pregnancy in front of the whole family, which will make her feel guilty in ffront of everyone. She will no longer be able to save her mother’s baby anymore. Swara on the other side was searching for the truth.

Parineeta calls Ragini and tell her that she have to bring her back into the house and lie about everything she told about her, because of the fear of leaving Adarsh. When Ragini listens to this she gets scared with her threats to expose her in front of everyone. Ragini will try to bring her back to the Maheshwari mansion. But due to all this drama the audience gets to see the real bonding of the three brother and their relationship.

In the coming episodes, Pari will going to plan with Sahil on how to spoil the life of Swara and Sanskar’s life. Thereafter, there will going to be a fight between Sanskar and Sahil where he will try to stab knife. Later, the cops will arrest Sahil and put him in jails. But he will get bail very easily and comes out easily.

Then, there will be a Kidnapping sequence where Swara will be invited to grace a charity music event by an NGO in Kolkata. At the insistence of the Maheshwari household, she will go there and as planned Sahil will going to kidnap her. The show is going just amazing and stay tuned for more amazing updates.

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