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OUKITEL U7 Max is on presale with super cost-effective price

Oukitel U7 Max
The super cost-effective smartphone OUKITEL U7 Max is starting presale today with a price. When we talk about cheap smartphones, many people may think of low quality or defective devices. But if you want qualified wallet-friendly smartphones, you need to choose the right brand. The...

OUKITEL U16 Max features & specifications that will make you surprised

Recently OUKITEL is working on the new smartphone U16 Max which will do the most top flash sale and it's OUKITEL's first 6-inch smartphone which will also get Android 7.0. There are many changes on Android 7.0 Nougat OS from Android Marshmallow. Then how...

OUKITEL C5 Released: Cheapest 3G smartphone with Android 7.0 OS & anti-smash screen

Oukitel C5
OUKITEL already launched the 4G smartphone C5 Pro with the anti-smash screen, now it's 3G version C5 is coming. Comparing to C5 Pro, there are only 2 differences between them. First, the C5 PRO runs on Android 6.0 for the first several batches and will...

OUKITEL U16 Max all set to launch with 13 MP camera and super thin metal body

Oukitel U16 Max
OUKITEL announced last week that they are working on a new smartphone OUKITEL U16 Max which is going to be the most important project of OUKITEL as this is their first 6-inch smartphone and it was chosen by Aliexpress official to do the most...

OUKITEL is working on its upcoming flagship Oukitel U16 Max with 6.0 inch JDI display

Oukitel U16 Max
OUKITEL is starting a new project OUKITEL U16 Max which is the first 6-inch smartphone of OUKITEL. This new smartphone U16 Max will feature a super big 6.0 inch HD display with 720*1280 resolution and get 5-point multi-touch. For the screen material, OUKITEL import JDI...

Oukitel U7 Max launched officially, here are some detailed specs and features

Oukitel U7 Max
OUKITEL U7 Max is officially released on the official website. It will start accepting preorders next week. OUKITEL U7 Max, following the design of U7 Plus, is basically an entry level 3G smartphone. The difference is that U7 Plus is a 4G device and has...

K10000 upgraded version will now be known as Oukitel K10000 Pro, Final design confirmed

K10000 Pro
OUKITEL K10000S is going to change the name to OUKITEL K10000 Pro, and the final design is confirmed, it has some changes on design. From the design photo and the previous leaked photo, there are several changed. First, the 4 corners and the 4 sides are...

OUKITEL U7 Max, 3G smartphone soon to be launched in android market

Oukitel U7 Max
OUKITEL is starting on a new smartphone named U7 Max. OUKITEL U7 Max is an entry level 3G smartphone. The design mainly follows the appearance of U7 plus. On the front, it gets a 5.5 inch HD display with 720*1280 resolution, the screen is...

OS Update: OUKITEL U15S is updating to Android Nougat in coming March

OUKITEL leaked before that they will update Android 7.0 for several models. According to the latest news, OUKITEL already started doing Android Nougat for OUKITEL U15S. The estimated time for updating is in March. There are too many changes from Android 6.0 to Android nougat, so...

You must see this tear down video of OUKITEL U20 which costs just $98.99

Oukitel U20
OUKITEL U20 Plus features a dual-lens rear camera and has been on sale for a while, now we have got a tear down video to see what's inside the body. As we already know, the rear camera of U20 Plus gets dual-lens sensor, and now...

Cheapest 4G smartphone OUKITEL C5 Pro is on pre-sale in just $69.99

Oukitel C5 Pro Looks
Thanks to the technology marching forward at a very fast pace, OUKITEL can always offer decent android smart devices with good price. After U20 plus - the first dual cameras smartphone on the level, then comes the C5 PRO, which will be 2017 cheapest...

This new year sale of OUKITEL U13 will surely be a worthy one for all smartphones lovers

Oukitel U13
OUKITEL U13 is released with super thin full-metal body, now you can get is for just $129.99 from gearbest. When coming to hardware, OUKITEL U13 comes with MediaTek MT6753 Octa-core chipset, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which is expandable. It is packing an 8MP...

You must see these tough screen challenges passed by OUKITEL C5 Pro

Oukitel C5Pro
Smartphone manufacturers are considering more attention on the durability of smartphones. OUKITEL is one of them who is doing good in this field. Recently OUKITEL introduced another shock-proof smartphone C5 Pro. C5 Pro was said to feature a tougher build quality and fabulous hand feel. Today, OUKITEL...

OUKITEL C5 Pro features & specifications, Worth buy for $74.99

Stylish, Speedy and Strong! Tough and durable devices are attracting more and more attention and smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to improve the durability one after another. OUKITEL already leaked week ago that their next smartphone C5 Pro will feature a full-metal frame...

Massive production of OUKITEL U13 is again started, All you need to know about this new flagship

OUKITEL just released a surprising smartphone U20 Plus with dual-lens rear camera and it already started delivery this week. Here comes a new news that they are starting the full-metal device U13 again. In fact, OUKITEL already announced some information about U13 from July, but due to some reasons, they delayed this project. Now according to trusted source, OUKITEL U13 is coming soon. Massive production is already planned in this month. As we already know,U13 is designed to be full metal on the back cover, including the top and bottom parts. Though many devices announced that they are full metal device, it comes out to be metal in the most central part of the back, while the parts on the head and bottom are plastic because of the antenna signal. Few manufacturers are holding the full metal tech now. But this tech will make the battery back to be a whole unibody, enhancing the visual effect as well as hand feel. On the front of U13, it is getting a 5.5 inch FHD display with 2.5D curved craft. On the top head of front, there is an infrared sensor, allowing U13 to be a remote controller. According to OUKITEL, the U13 will get a 13MP back camera which will be interpolated to 16MP in software and an 8MP front camera which will be interpolated to 13MP in software. Together with the 1080p FHD screen, it will surely show great photos and videos effect on U13. It will spec a Octa-core chipset, 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM. More information will be released on OUKITEL official website soon. Source : OUKITEL

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