Tailless comet may reveal more details about Earth’s birth

A tailless comet which has been discovered now could give more startling details about the origin of Earth. The news about this rocky asteroid was published in Science Advances on April 29, 2016.

The new comet has reportedly returned from the edge of the solar system, but it might have originated much closer to the sun. Scientists believe that this rocky body may even reveal crucial clues about the building blocks of our planet.

Due to its tailless nature, researchers have named it Manx Object, after Manx Cats which are known for its peculiar non-tailed nature.

Karen Meech, lead author the study shared the excitement of discovering one of the rarest celestial bodies. She believes that more study on this comet may unravel mysteries surrounding the formation of solar system.

Meech, in a recent talk revealed that scientists already knew details about many asteroids, but it is PANSTARS which was first found to be uncooked by the Sun. Proper analysis give ample hints that Manx Object is not ordinary comet, and the S-type comet is usually found in the inner asteroid belt. Later, researchers under the leadership of Meech found that the rocky material has undergone very little processing, and it indicates that it has been frozen for billions of years.

Scientists are now looking forward to find more rocky comets which fall under the category of Manx Object. Detailed study will help researchers to know whether the giant planets roamed across the solar system in the initial years after its formation.

Oliver Hainaut, co author of the study told that it is very exciting to know that this rock is a building block of Earth or any other rocky planet.

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