Taiwan Hits With Huge Loss Caused By Strongest Typhoon (Meranti) In 21 Years


Some parts of Taiwan got highly affected by super typhoon Meranti which was skirted past the Island’s southern tip and bought the strongest winds in past 21 years. This affected the local services in Taiwan also it affected citizens on a major Holiday.

The typhoon Meranti didn’t come out on the surface rather it just caused high-speed wind and heavy rain to southern and eastern Taiwan. Meranti was 600 kilometres (37 miles) south-southwest offshore to Penghu Island and it created gusts of around 270 kilometres per hour. As according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau the winds was that much strong that it was recorded after around 120 years. And the typhoon Meranti was an epic one in 21 years.

taiwan-imagesForecaster Hsieh Pei-Yun said, “It is the strongest typhoon to hit Taiwan in 21 years in terms of maximum sustained wind near the centre”.

Southern Kenting, a tourist place widely known as “White-Sand Beaches” has been ruined by winds and floods. It is also in news that property also got affected by this like Southern regions got highly affected. Electricity poles and trees got uprooted, the truck got overturned and many roofs blew away with strong wind.

The string typhoon Meranti scared the people near Southern region, it also made people scared as reports say there was a light house there which looks like blew away with the wave which was more than 10 metre in height.

Reports from  Kaohsiung said more than 10 cargo ships got broken with the huge wave and many cargo containers blew away with and fell down on the floor. This all caused a loss of damage and now the area is restricted to local people so that no one can get harmed. We will keep you updating with much more updates of it, be in touch.

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