Takata aims to recall 35 million airbags from the U.S.

According to a report published in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on May 04, 2016, it has been learnt that Takata Corporation is preparing themselves to recall at least 35 million airbags from the United States.

As per reports, this move is being made to address the defect linked to eleven fatalities which happened around the world due to the injuries inflicted by the inflators.

The Japanese airbag manufacturer have recalled more than 50 million airbags globally, and out of this, 28 million bags are from the U.S.

The company will now look into the defect that causes the airbag to explode, thereby pummeling the driver with metal or plastic shrapnel. The latest death due to Takata airbag malfunction happened on April 06, 2016 when a seventeen-year-old Texas girl got killed in a minor crash in her 2002 Hinda Civic.

Even after thorough analysis by U.S officials, nobody was able to figure out the exact cause of the problem. However, experts believe that airbag malfunctioning usually happens in older vehicles and in places where humidity is high.

The United States Government want Takata Corporation to recall all the airbags installed in cars which do not have a drying agent called a desiccant. Takata told that the company is working to find a permanent solution to overcome all kinds of safety issues.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that three investigations have been carried out to determine the security of airbags, and they assured that adequate actions will be taken to make sure that air bags in American vehicles are safe.

NHTSA also confirmed that no inflators that contain the desiccant have ruptured both in tests and on roads.

was found in 1993, and it has production houses in four continents. The new move to recall airbags is considered to be the largest of this kind in the automobile history.

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