Taleem Marathi Movie Review Box Office Collection Public Response


Kushti is a form of wrestling basically from South Asia. It was developed in the Mughal Empire. The words pehlwani and kusti is derived from the Persian terms pahlavani and koshti.

A practitioner of this sport is referred to as a pehlwan while teachers are known either as ustad or guru, it is one of the biggest and most loved sportin India because of it’s traditional form and natural healthy facts which heple the human body more resistable to the diseases and fatigues. All this information is given because there is a movie which is on its way to the audience. The movie Taleem which is based on the same story line like of sultan but the story is quite different in both of them.


The movie is being done by Sachin Kundalkar or Sacin Kuṇḍalakar who is a Marathi film director and screenplay writer basically. He is known for his directorial works of Nirop which was released in (2007) and Gandha (2009). He has also written screenplay for many plays of theatres. He is proud recipient of two National Film Awards, as for the direction of Nirop and as a screenwriter for Gandha, the first Marathi film to win Best Screenplay award since the category’s institution in 1967.

His latest project which is going to release on 5th of August 2016 is one of the biggest project of Marathi film industry. The movie Taleem is being Produced by Sudarshan Ingale, Sanjay Mulay, Jayaditya Giri, Nitin Madhukar Rokade. The Studio is being managed by NMR Movies. The star cast have a quite famous names like Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Vaishali Dabhade, Mitali Jagtap, Vishnu Joshilkar, Prashant Mohite, Yashpal Sarnath, Arjun, Chaya Kadam. This beautiful story is being penned down by Nitin Rokade and the, Screenplay is done by Nitin Rokade. The fantastic dialogue is written by Sikander Sayyed, Nitin Madhukar Rokade, Abhijit Kulkarni. The Music too is getting a very good response and is being given by Praful Karlekar, the Lyrics is given by Mandar Cholkar, who is one of the finest writer in Marathi industry. The Playback Singing is done by Adarsh Shinde. The cinematography is done by Farooque Khan, the editor of the movie is Nitin Madhukar Rokade. The beautifull choreographing is done by Ranju Varghese. The movie does have a very big and solid Genre in it of Sports, Drama, Social. The release Date of the movie is 15th July 2016, worldwide. The movie is being directly compared to Bollywood’s latest most successful and hit movie Sultan which is done by Salman khan.

The trailer of the film was released just around a month ago and rocked the box office with huge massive response. The trailer of the film showed a small part of the  film in which the main lead is seen in a wrestling ground. The first  trailer has got massive hype at the social media sites as it was loved by the public. The story line of the film is based on a true story  which is the another positive mark for the movie and will going to benefit it too.

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