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patriotism and love can never be fulfilled without giving sacrifices. The most difficult and impossible thing in this world is to be patriotic and love are both two sides of the coin and when they both gets into the life of one person, the story becomes remarkable for others. Wagah border is one of the most disputed and violent areas which is near the border of two well-developing nations, but the hatred for each-other is no strong reason. The movie ‘Wagah’ is one of the most thrilling and adventurous movies till now of Tamil cinemas.


One of the most out-of-the-box and unique ideas, which is basically a story of an army-man who is on the journey to get his love one in his life. The movie portrays a very romantic yet dangerous action g1enre story of two human beings who love each other but the biggest thing to have their ways parted is their caste. The movie is being directed by G.N.R Kumaravelan.

The movie is having Vikram Prabhu and Ranya ran as the lead roles which is perfectly played by both of them and given true justice to the roles. The movie is basically shot in the Kashmir, which is the paradise on the earth. In the 2013 November, when the makers were thinking of making this movie of a cross border-romantic story between and Indian boy and Pakistani girl, they approached Alia Bhatt as the female leading role in the movie. There were some problems which start to arise due to the citing financial restraints of the producer Chain Raaj Jain.

Kumaravelan got the good fortune on his side and found Vijay Bhargava films as the producers, which seriously helped them to restart the project which was left behind due to so many reasons. The fortune has started their ways to be on the easy side then, Vairamuthu announced himself that he would be the film’s lyricist. D. Inman was later signed as the composer of the film’s music. Satish Kumar and Lalgudi Ilaiyaraaja were chosen as cinematographer and art director for the movie.

The movie is straight out of the box and it is seriously recommended to those who loves thrilling action adventure and the romantic love story at the same time.

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