Tannu Is Finally Back To Rishi! Kasam 20th September 2016 Latest Episode Written Updates


The story of Tannu and Rishi love life is now going through a difficult way. Rishi starts hating her and she Tannu is now recalling her love for Rishi. This is a thing to see for all the fans and followers of the show, that how did Rishi react when he saw Tanuja as Tannu.

The last episode of Kasam starts with Tanuja recalling about Rishi’s hate for her. She says that I have to go to him and make him understand that I am not on the enemy side. She gets off and aimed to go to Rishi and make him understand. On the other side, Rishi comes to Tannu’s room and things Vidhi as Tannu. He scolds her badly and then Vidhi tries to make him understand. Rishi didn’t hear her and walks out from there. Bani and Neha again plan to get reach through Tanuja.

kasam-20th-september-2016They ask Rishi that did he met Tanuja, then Vidhi tells them that Tanuja had gone to Rishi’s house.

Later on, Tanuja comes to Rishi’s house where everyone is preparing for the pooja. Rano and Beeji talk about Divia. Then Beeji and Rano prays for Rishi job to get completed soon. Tanuja knocks the door and John comes there and asks about the matter.

She then tells him to call Raaj. He goes and Tanuja gets in the house. Ahana and Rano look her. They both gets stunned seeing Tannu there. Ahana runs towards her and starts crying calling her di.

She then hugs her and says that we had to wait for you. The story now takes a turn in which the family member who loves Tannu a lot did accept Tanuja or not. What will Rishi’s reaction at this? Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki like this.

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