Tanuja Brings Fainted Beeji To Home & Shocks Everyone! Kasam 29th August 2016 Written Episode Updates

Kasam Rishi 29th Aug

The show starts and we see Bani calls Tanuja and gives some suggestions to break the interview, and Tanuja gets tensed thinking about the interview. She Goes to reception and they ask her to go fast and a girl leaves her outside the conference room. She prays for the luck and knocks the door.

There Beeji went to the temple and says that she is happy rishi sat with family and asks for a bride for rishi, and then asks for any signal if her prayer is going to be heard. Then she keeps a flower upon a stone and prays that flower must fall if her prayer will be answered, she countdowns and opens her eyes but the flower was still there. Rishi allows her to come in and she apologizes for being late, he turns his chair and they both get shocked seeing each other. She thinks that she will have to do work in Rishi Bedi’s office and he stammers in front of her.

Kasam Rishi 29th Aug

She recalls bani’s words and says that she know him already and will take all his responsibilities, she will pick his late night calls too and he can trust her. Rishi stops her saying that he is not taking her interview here. But he stares at her as she continues speaks saying she likes him, she requests him to keep her for this job as she will do whatever he says. Rishi wonders and keeps a hand on her mouth saying that how much she speaks.

He says that he is not here for taking interview even he came with the owner to take the interview and she can go now. He feels close to being with her and says sorry, he doesn’t touch girls. She turns and slips, he holds her. They both get hit their head in picking the file up. Then her stroller stuck in his watch and he gives it back to her. She leaves.

In the temple, Beeji says that ok if there is not any other girl in rishi’s life then she wants Tannu back in his life. Tanuja comes downstairs and rishi comes to owners office. Tanuja thinks that if she didn’t get the job Rano will throw them out of the house.

Rishi sees Tanuja behind the curtain and finalizes the deal, he turns back but she has gone now. We will see in next show that Beeji lay faint in couch and tanuja brings her saying she found her in the way. Rano shouts on her and rishi hurries to go home after hearing about Beeji.

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