Tashan-e-ishq 10th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv Recap: Someone Send Flowers To Twinkle


The show starts and we see pallavi comes to kunj’s room and asks him to not to give much importance to twinkle as usha aunty is right, except twinkle you have all many things like career and business so he should pay attention to it. Kunj asks her to not to say anything against her as she doesn’t know about true love and twinkle waited for him coz she loves him and now he wont give up, and will pacify her and will wait for her, he leaves. Then pallavi thinks that he is asking to me about true love, when I gave up my career and gave him revant’s face was it not love? and promises herself to get kunj.


There yuvi tells leela that he cant wait much for twinkle if kunj starts to do something, then? She asks him to call twinkle and yuvi calls on the reception of hotel and gets the answer that she has left with Sonia to Amritsar in morning. Then kunj calls there and gets the same reply. Leela gets worried but yuvi says that he will get to know about her through his men. There kunj gets tensed and leaves to find her even after resisting usha. Yuvi tells leela that he got to know that Sonia is a drug vendor and is going to do something big in city college. He says that twinkle is with her and we will have to stop her before anything happens. There Sonia is driving car and twinkle is with her and asks Sonia that where are they going and she tells her that they are going at a magical place and she will enjoy going there and smirks. Then they stops at a traffic signal and kunj stops there too but they cant see each other as his fans covers him saying ROCKY ROCKY and then they leave. Sonia stops at college and calls a man saying that do what I said. then they enter in college and yuvi and leela also come there and stops them.

Leela slaps Sonia for going on a wrong path like drugs and all, then twinkle says that who sais this? this is not true and an fb shown in which twinkle asks Sonia to get her admission in college as she wants to study more and to prove that she can live without men and Sonia says that she knows a man and he will get her admitted in college and fb ends. And she says that she came for her help, and yuvi told her wrong. Then all get cleared as the drug sellere’s pick comes in yuvi’s phone and leela asks for sorry from Sonia coz misunderstanding happened and she got tensed about her only daughter. Sonia says its ok and tells that she became a good friend of twinkle and will be happy if she gets admission there and asks them to go in canteen for tea. Then kunj comes there and passes by them but is covered with his fans and cant see them.

There Sonia’s man talks to principal about twinkle’s admission and but he refuses to take admission at this time, Then kunj comes to office with fans and principal asks him to teach his students and he says that he has to go somewhere and comes out. He sees twinkle talking to the man who was in the principal’s office and guesses that twinkle wants to take admission her and goes to princi’s room again. There twinkle and leela talks about her buisnress and studies just then she gets call of Sonia telling that she has got admission in that college as she got call from there, and they both are happy. Then twinkle says to leela that she really wants to complete her studies and doesn’t wants to think about yuvi and kunj…..

Precap: we will see twinkle will get flowers and calls kunj irritatingly and says that why cant he understand her, and why he is sending flowers to her but kunj says that he hasn’t send any flower and twinkle is stunned………..

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