Tashan-e-ishq 12th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv Recap: Twinkle See Kunj With Pallavi


The show starts and we see yuvi enters the class and some boys put foot between his way and he is about to fall, all laugh but twinkle offers him seat and he sits. Kunj sees all this from window and leaves. Then all girls pass the pic of rocky and say that they are going to see rocky as he is so hot, they leave accept twinkle. Then yuvi finds a pic in his notebook and twinkle asks that is she his gf then he says he don’t has any gf as he is zero not hero.


Twinkle says that its about good heart not look and she writes her notes. Yuvi stares at her. Teacher says all girls gone to see rocky so class is over if no one wants to study behind rocky. and she leaves..Twinkle says that her class is destroyed by kunj and takes jassi(yuvi) to canteen. There someone says that rocky sir called jassi and twinkle gets worried. When yuvi goes to kunj, he says that he will make him a strong boy and will teach him boxing. Kunj asks him to hit rocky but he denies and say he cant hit and don’t like violence, then twinkle comes and asks kunj to stop it as if jassi don’t want to learn and why he is following her.

Kunj asks her to not take it personal as he is there just to train students and he is doing that so she should stay away from it. He pushes yuvi and he falls down crying and leaves. Then twinkle says that he is her friend that’s why kunj is trying to hit jassi but asks him to not try it again. Twinkle goes to yuvi and says holding his hand that not only power is needed but a cute and sensitive boys are also exist like him and she likes them. He smiles and says that atleast someone is with him and says that rocky sir was right he will have to be strong. And they leave for class. Later yuvi says bye to twinkle and leaves. Kunj stops his car and they stares each other. Yuvi asks him that why he is following her when he himself told yuvi that girl’s no is no? Kunj says that he know yuvi is planning something and he says that he is not planning but making kunj understand to not to do this and he leaves.Twinkle hears all this from very far. Twinkle comes to home and leela asks her about the her day. Raman and pinni ask her about bullies and friends, then she says that she can handle bullies abd she made a friend jassi, he is cute. Leela asks her that did she talk to kunj and yuvi then she says that she doesn’t wants to talk about them and leaves. There kunj comes at home and pallavi meets him, he smiles and opens his bag then twinkle’s ID card falls from it. Picking it pallavi asks him that he is international boxer and still teaching in a small college, why? Usha says that she knows he did this job coz of twinkle and why doesn’t she leaves him? Then kunj says that its not a big deal in it its just an id card he took it as twinkle left it, he will return it tomorrow and leaves.

Pallavi says to usha that twinkle is playing with kunj’s feeling so that he would run behind her begging, that’s why she deliberately left id card and usha gets tensed. There leela makes twinkle understand that she is proud of her as she started a new life in this way but this society never allows a woman to live alone as she herself is a big example of it. Perhaps she made a big business still people keep asking her about her husband, then twinkle says that she is her daughter and knows how to shut people’s mouth and rest her mother is with her. Leela kisses twinkle’s head and she smiles…..

Precap: we will see pallavi slips in kunj’s arm deliberately to make twinkle jealous as twinkle is seeing it and she smirks looking at her, kunj gets tensed looking at her…………..

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