Tashan e ishq 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Simple’s Grandfather Likes Yuvi

Tashan e ishq

The story of Tashan E Ishq seems to be coming to an end. The story had revealed the truth of all and now settling down with everyone happiness. The last episode we had seen Yuvi and Simple gets in jail in reporter’s disguise and go to take Kunj and Twinkle’s interview. They then faint them by giving them water in which Yuvi had mixed the medicine. Yuvi and Simple then get escaped via the window with Kunj and Twinkle. Inspector breaks the door and gets shocked seeing no one there.

Tashan e ishq

Kunj and Twinkle get up and ask Yuvi that why did he do this. Simple says that Yuvi had saved you both and you are misbehaving with him. Kunj says that we will go back and surrender to the cops. Yuvi says that they will not even let you go anywhere. Yuvi then  asks Kunj that why did he blame Anita. Twinkle tells him about the truth and Yuvi says that I will meet her and try to know the truth.

After some time, Yuvi goes to Anita and ask her about the truth. She says that I am not involved in all this and thinks that someone is trying to trap yourself. Yuvi says that I think Shanta is behind this all. Kunj and Twinkle say that yes Shanta had also run from her house and we have to get the truth soon. They then rush to Santa’s house where a man tells them about Shanta’s husband location. They all then go to the pub and meets Shanta’s husband  there. The man trapped Yuvi there but Kunj saves him. Her husband confesses his crime and they all felt shocked.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Simple grandfather comes and bless Yuvi and her. Twinkle then gets released and says that now everything will get fine in our life. She then gets stunned when Yuvi says to her that he doesn’t need her anymore. Now it will be interesting to see that what kind of end we all get to see. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Tashan E Ishq like this.

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