Tashan-e-Ishq 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Twinkle Stunned To See Yuvi


The show starts and we see its morning and Yuvi as Jassi cleans his bike outside Twinkle’s house and she asks him that what is he doing here. He says that he came to pick her as she is his best friend and saved him from bullies, then Kunj comes outside and sees them and Jassi says that his scooter is old and Rocky sir’s bike is new so she will go with him but twinkle says no.


Then Pallavi comes and slips in Kunj’s arms and twinkle sees them. Jassi says wow. she is Rocky sir’s gf. Kunj tries to leave Pallavi seeing at Twinkle. Twinkle asks Jassi that can he ride with her sitting behind and he says that he never rode but will try then Twinkle asks him to sit behind as she will drive. They both leave and there Kunj asks Pallavi to be careful as Twinkle must have felt weird and she says sorry but she fell mistakenly and tells him that Usha is trying to get him married again surprisingly and thinks that why mom is doing this when she knows, how he feels about Twinkle and he leaves. Then Pallavi says that everything is fair in love and war and says that she can lie a little to get Kunj. There Usha says to babey that Twinkle has no sense and values to live in society as she left her home, husband for college as she doesn’t care about Kunj.


Then babey asks her to understand Twinkle’s problem and don’t think only as a mother but she doesn’t agree and says that she will talk to Twinkle. Then twinkle and Jassi reaches college and boys and girls makes fun of them but Twinkle asks Jassi to make self confidence and asks not to worry she will handle them. She sees poster of salsa dance and drags Jassi with her in excitement. Kunj is punching his bags in training room thinking about what Pallavi said about his mother. Then some students come and makes fun of Jassi as Kunj asks them about him.

Then Kunj thinks that Jassi will have to learn fight back else he will become just a laughing stock here. Jassi and Twinkle comes in salsa class and start to learn but Yuvi says that he cant do this as he is zero. Twinkle pulls his cheek nd says that he is so cute not zero and she will teach him how to dance and makes him to settle in pose and they dance.

Yuvi stares at her and song ends. Then Kunj comes and asks Jassi to learn boxing to fight back but Jassi says to Twinkle that he will try to learn dance but not boxing. Twinkle asks Kunj tp not to force Jassi about it if he doesn’t want, then Kunj asks Jasssi to leave and he leaves smirking. Then Kunj says Twinkle listen, and she says that why will she listen and tries to open the door but someone says that we locked the room as you said Rocky sir, and Kunj says that he didn’t say anyone to do that, he swears. And Twinkle says that how can he fall so low but Kunj holds her shoulder and says that why cant she trust her Kunj.

There outside Kunj thinks to get rid off from Kunj as now she will hate him more. Then Jassi comes to students and tells that Rocky and Twinkle are locked in a room so they should help them and smirks. Twinkle denies to believe on him and he gets hurt and punches the door in anger and door opens and he asks that who closed the door but everyone is silent and gossips about their loneliness in room and leave. Jassi ask Twinkle to save him from rocky as he don’t want to learn boxing, but she stares at kunj and leaves.

Yuvi goes behind. There anita comes out of her car outside saran house and usha and babey gets surprised seeing her and asks about reason of her being here and she says as kunj is alive so she is free from any case and says that they used her son well and when kunj is back they thrown him like hair from butter. Yuvi and twinkle comes there and sees this. we will see twinkle says jassi that no one is ready to sponser us and he says to call chaddha as he gave a big contract of wedding, and twinkle gets shocked hearing this.

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