Tashan-e-ishq 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Light Is About To Fall Over Twinkle


In the last episode Yuvie said to Anita that she don’t interfere as he handle everything himself. Anita asked Yuvi to take care and left. Kunj saw Twinkle in college. she cheers for those guys who will show stunt. One stunt guy is about to jumb but his ankle is twisted. Mala said that she can’t perform anyone else and left. Everyone asked Twinkle to perform but Twinkle said that she also need a partner to perform. One student said that he know a guy who will perform and people call him Micheal Jackson. Student called him. After sometime, Yuvi came there. Kunj thought that he must be planning something.


Twinkle asked Yuvi where he was. Yuvi said that he was fullfilling his promise to Twinkle. He asked that who called him for dance. Student said that Twinkle is her dance partner. Yuvi said that can’t dance with Twinkle. Yuvi started leaving and thought that Twinkle can’t say no to understanding partner like him and thought that she will stop him. But he looks back saw that Kunk came to Twinkle and asked her to dance with him for institute’s respect. Twinkle accepted to dance with Kunj. Yuvi can’t believed that Kunj took the chance. Twinkle and Kunj danced on a romantic song. While dancing, Twinkle was about to fall down but Kunj caught her and a song played. Everyone congratulated them.

Twinkle came to Usha and asked about her. Twinkle said that she brought medicines for Babee. Twinkle left from there. After that Anita came there and said to Usha that she give her idea to get rid of Twinkle. Anita told Usha that Kunj and Twinkle taking part in college fest together. Usha got angry. At the fest Pallavi gave money to goons and told them that lights should fall down on Twinkle’s head.

In today episode Twinkle standing on center at stage. Light man place spot light above Twinkle’s head and light is about to fall on her head. Yuvi tries to save Twinkle.

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