Tashan-e-Ishq 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Full Recap: Yuvi Argue With Kunj


Twinkle was getting eve-teased by some guys on the road. Twinkle when counters this teasing with her footwear, but one of the guy stops her hand. Kunj suddenly comes there and sees all this, he thinks to help her but got stopped by Yuvi and he says to watch her how she manage any situation like this alone. After some time she made all the guys run away from there alone. Yuvi praises her, while Kunj was worrying that what will go to happen anyway.


Yuvi then goes to the guys who were teasing her and it was all after She left both of them, but he was seen by Kunj. Kunj was worrying about how he will going to tackle Yuvi because he is much clever than him. Kunj calls Twinkle and starts talking about their day, and he again asks her to go on a date with him. She gives excuses of his work but he didn’t force her for coming over.

Anita was showing the photos to Juve and ask him to choose one and she says that she will go to give marriage proposal o him. He also tells that she is worried about his condition and it’s just unbearable. Kunj was trying his best to ask her for a date again and this is a kid, she replies no to that proposal, she again replies with the answer that she will go on a date with him but she will not go to forgive too easily.

Yuvi was very angry and annoyed from Kunj’s and asks her why are you doing all this and for whom. He straightly tells him that she doesn’t want him at all, he also shows his sympathy because you are still close to her, and also telling that he is getting over her mind fully. he also tells that he will be going to show the results to him as he won the today’s game.

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