Tashan-e-ishq 21st July 2016 Written Episode Updates: Tea Tray Falls From Leela’s Hands In Shock


Yuvi confirms Twinkle about the birth mark but she denies to it. Then he says that lets have another plan than this, but Twinkle says that there is a strange feeling when Rocky touched me, there is a feeling like Kunj has touched me. She can recognise him anywhere anytime, she also says that the whole time when was like Kunj’s presence. Kunj says to the Pallavi about her acting skills and her performance through-out their plan. She was ready fot their whole coming plans and was hppy of what she has done already because of her revenge from his family and his fiancee and Twinkle too.


Twinkle says that she is doing all this with him because she believes in him, she also tells that i will help you till you reveal Rocky. Yuvi went to Goa, he came there because he want to ask about a man who got drowned in the sea 5 years before. Somebody tells her about this matter and also tells that only i’ve seen the person drowning, he tells him everything about the incident.

Yuvi comes back to home and while he was talking to Twinkle he tells her about all the information he has got from there. She gets very shocked to find that there is some involvement of Kunj in this case of drowning. But after searching so many things she too finds that Rockey might not be Kunj mybe i was wrong. The Twinkle gets very shocked to hear about the truth which dr.Pallavi told them about the Operation she has done at that time.

Twinkle says to Yuvi that i’ve get so much confused after talking to Dr.Pallavi. Yuvi promises to her that he will going to find out that who is real and who is fake and will going to bring out the truth behind the fake identity of Rockey. Leela listens to this and gets so much shocked about this topic. When she was listening to all this the tray which was in her hand falls down and they listens to it.

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