Tashan-e-ishq 22nd July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Twinkle Is Going To Drink Poison


Twinkle was remembering and regaining the momories whilen looking at the photos of Pallavi and Rocky’s Images. Now Pallavi is sure that Rocky is not kunj and both of them have their different identities. Pallavi starts missing him and start crying while remembering him. Yuvi was about to go out but she stops him and says to have the food first before going out.

Tashan-e-ishqTwinkle gets very confused after talking to Pallavi about Kunj and now he decides that she has to find the truth anyhow and as early as possible. Leela was there when she says these things said by her. Yuvi and Twinkle looks who is this which is listening to their conversation, Leela gets very shocked to hear that Rocky is Kunj. She also talks to herself about her operation which she has done on him for giving him the face of KUnj so that he can stay close to him. Leela on this gets very angry that why didn’t they tell him about it.

Leela says to Yuvi about still hiding the truth from him. He says that we are too confused about this and can never tells anything when we are not sure of ourself. Rockey comes to their home and when he suddenly sees a fire there he gets very stunned and calls for her mother, he cries i’ve come back, Twinkle comes there suddenly and calls him by the name of Kunj, then Yuvi too comes there and tells that now you are finished and can’t lie to me. They both gets into fight without any possible reason.

There was a party in which twinkle says to people in party that Rockey is Lying and tells that Kunj is none other then Rockey. She says to Kunj to tell everyone the truth about it or else she will drink something hazardous and will to do suicide. Kunj was not focused on anything which is related to her.

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