Tashan-e-ishq 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Today: Yuvi And Kunj Argue


The show starts and we see twinkle comes on stage and all clap. Light man positions spot light right above twinkle’s head. Yuvi is back stage and spot light is about to fall on twinkle but kunj pushes her and they both fall on stage. Principle praises kunj to save twinkle and she looks at him. Pallavi gets a call of goon and ask him that how she saved. She thanks him but he says that if she really wanna thanks him then come on a date with him and he agrees saying she will decide date and time. Yuvi gets tensed listening this.


Twinkle sees yuvi sitting on chair and he says that sorry he couldn’t save her as she is zero. But she says that its not his fault. He says that she is going on date with him what if he harms her? She says that he cant hurt him as there is a long story behind it. She tells him everything about the starting of her and kunj’s relationship and separation and all things. She says that she wants to live alone and to complete her studies. He says hats off to her and says that yuvi is better than kunj as he left everything for her happiness and says that rocky sir is like magnet with her and says may be he is behind the light incident to gain her sympathy. She says that he didn’t do this and don’t think about it just be my best friend and he agrees.

There pallavi thinks that she let revant go but not will let kunj go from her life and thinks she will loose twinkle by usha’s help. Then kunj comes in gurudwara and sees twinkle talking to a woman. He looks at her smiling and thinks about their first meet in gurudwara. He says thanks for coming an dshe says lets do prayer first. They serves food and clean gurudwara there, kunj keeps looking at her. Yuvi comes there as jassi and sees them. Then they both see twinkle’s back zip opening and runs to cover her, but yuvi collides with a amn and kunj reaches her first. He hugs her from behind and closes the zip. Yuvi gets jealous seeing this.

Usha and pallavi also comes there and sees them like that and usha leaves from there saying that she is making my son dance on her tunes and pallavi stops her saying that you can stop kunj and if you want my help I am available and she thanks her. Then in college kunj asks jassi to fight back as a student fights and hits him but he doesn’t knowingly. Then he punches on hios eye and he starts to cry then twinkle comes there and takres yuvi from there saying lets go i’ll do bainded to you without saying anything to kunj. Then yuvi says that kunj is bad as he is forcingng him to fght and yuvi is good as he gave you space and he loves you in real, twinkle agrees and leaves for her class, He thinks that he will meet her next time as yuvi not jassi, kunj hears it all.

Precap: we will see some buys teases twinkle on road and she beats them with shoes and kunj tries to go to save her but yuvi comes and holds his hand…..

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