Tashan-e-ishq 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Live Online: Twinkle Come To Know Yuvi’s Truth


The show starts and we see kunj says to yuvi that why he always takes shortcut to win. And asks him to send strong goons as they told him everything about his cheap tricks and his standard. He says that’s why twinkle supported him today in front of everyone coz he is pure and true not fake like him, and now she will come to me soon herself and yuvraaj luthra will lose badly, he leaves.


Kunj strikes with twinkle while going and her book falls down. They both say sorry and he picks her book up saying thanks for trusting him in front of all. She says that she did what was right. She says maybe some understandings are there in between them but he cam never stoop so low. yuvi hears this and gets angry, he rangs lecture bell, and comes to twinkle saying lecture is over now he will drop her.

Twinkle leaves glancing at kunj, and kunj thinks he knows twinkle is melting. Twinkle talks with jassi that rocky is very respectful person and can never disrespect anyone, then yuvi as jassi says that he is feeling guilty for his misbehavior with rocky and twinkle thanks him saying he is her best friend. She says tomorrow is rocky’s birthday and she wants to do something nice for him will he help her? He says yes he will help her.

Twinkle says thanks and leaves. Then yuvi calls pallavi and talks with her, he ends call saying he will give shocking surprise to kunj this birthday. Its 12 am and twinkle is in confusion that should she wish him or not but she thinks its too late to call him so she will wish him in morning. There kunj is thinking thst she cant forget his birthday and surely she will be in confusion so he calls her. He says that today is his birthday and he wants her to wish him first and she wishes him. They say gn and ends call.

Kunj sleeps seeing their pic. In morning leela sees date and thinks today is kunj’s birthday and twinkle is in trouble today so she should take her to shopping but lets make breakfast first. She goes to kitchen and sees twinkle there making a cake. She asks her about thata and she says its for a friend and when leela is about to eat it then she says no kunj doesn’t share his cake. Then leela says ooo its for kunj, then she says yes don’t trake it wrong but I wanted to make him happy today on his day and leela says god bless you. Then in morning pallavi throws rose petals on kunj sleeping on bed.

He says my siyapa queen.. and turns to see pallavi. He says sorry and pallavi cuts the cake and kisses him saying happy birthday….She asks him to come to gurudwara with her and usha and family comes there cherry, usha, aanand wishes him and insist to come gurudwara, he insists to go to college first but agrees later to go gurudwara, pallavi messages someone that they are leaving for gurudwara. Kunj prays at gurudwara, twinkle searches him in college.

Pallavi sees yuvi at gurudwara and nods at him smiling. Yuvi sees him going to serve poor people and recalls how he gave oil to a man to spill it over floor. kunj serves them and goes to hallway of gurudwara nd yuvi watches him hiding behind pillars. Kunj is about to step on oil but yuvi’s phone rings and he stops and turns to see yuvi cuts the call and usha calls kunj. Yuvi gets angry on kunj’s luck that his plan failed, yuvi steps on oil and falls down and gets hurt but promise himself to give more pain to kunj.

In next show we will see yuvi is lying injured outside the college and twinkle runs to him, she turns him and his fake beard comes out, she gets shocked and says yuvi…. kunj sees this……

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