Tashan-e-ishq 25th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Recap: Twinkle Finds Her Marriage Certificate


Usha says that Yuvi is behind all this. He had ruined our life. He can’t see us happy. Leela says them to shut up and just pray for Twinkle. They all are praying for Twinkle. Doctor come and says that Twinkle is out of danger now. Everyone goes to her but the nurse ask only her husband can stay with her. Leela says to Twinkle that you had done very wrong today. We know that you want to know about Rocky’s truth but you can’t forget about others. Leela says that if he was Kunj then he can’t leave you alone. Leela leaves. Twinkle want to say something to Yuuvi but he also leaves.


Rocky comes to Twinkle’s ward. Twinkle looks him and says that i know you will come to see me, i know you are my Kunj. Rocky says that are you gone mad. I am not your Kunj, i just came here as you are my wedding planner. Twinkle says that you are still not accepting that, now see what will i do. Rocky says that do what you want and leaves. Rocky see Yuvi and say that you might feeling bad. Yuvi says that i am not feeling bad. I just want that you will accept your truth for Twinkle’s sake.

Twinklle come home and says that this Rocky is doing drama. He is my Kunj. Rocky says to everyone that Twinkle is gone mad. We have to take her to a Psychiatrist. Everyone gets agree. Leela goes to Yuvi and says that they are taking Twinkle to the Psychiatrist as they think that she had gone mad. Yuvi and Leela come to home but couldn’t find Twinkle. They went to the hospital. Then Yuvi dressed himself as a male nurse and take Twinkle out of the room. Doctor came to see Twinkle and find someone on the bed. He says to the nurse to gaurd the room properly. When twinkle and Yuvi were leaving after getting all the proofs of Kunj’s marriage with the thumb impression on it, they got caught by Usha.

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