Tashan-e-ishq 26th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Zee Tv: Twinkle & Yuvi Meets Kunj


Twinkle was talking to Yuvi and tells that their is serioulsy risk by going through front door we should opt for back door. Yuvi doesn’t agrees to it, Twinkle tells him that she knows where the file is, the after some conversation Yuvi agrees to it and they both go through the window. Yuvi jumps from the window and opens the door for Twinkle, through which she comes in.


Twinkle and Yuvi both comes in the room, Twinkle searches for the file and she finally finds it, in the file there is the marriage certificate of btoh of them Kunj and Twinkle’s one. The file also does have the thumb impression of his, now they can easily match the impression by making a test of it. While they were leaving the room, Usha suddenly comes there and finds them searching some thing in their room and when she enters the room she finds nothing becaue hey both were hiding in the cupboard. When they both were hiding in the room, Yuvi starts falling for her and starts staring at her too.

After some time she has done his wokr for which she has come to the room she leaves from there and didn’t find them. They both when knows that she has gone comes out of the room. After they’ve come out of the room they some how manages to have a plan to match the prints of the file and of Rocky’s but they fail in it, and not just this Twinkle gets slapped by Usha too.

Twinkle and Yuvi are both now very upset and now they too starts getting doubt on their doubt that, is he really Kunj or he is Rocky. Twinkle and Yuvi comes to meet Kunj. Twinkle says to him that i’ve told you so many thing over the phone. She also tells that mine and Yuvi’s reltion is just for name sake and is nothing else than this. We’ve married for our family and we haven’t even accpeted eachother as husban and wife too.

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