Tashan-e-ishq 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Zee Tv: Pallavi Planning To Go To London With Kunj


The episode starts with Pallavi saying to Kunj that you didn’t practice for many days, so that i take you here. Twinkle and Yuvi come there. Pallavi gets shocked. Twinkle says to Kunj that you don’t even get affected when i told you that there is nothing between me and Yuvi. Kunj says that you guys are such a big dramebaz. I didn’t get to know that what kind of marriage it is where the wife come and cries for her marriage and her husband comes following him.


Twinkle says that why are you not getting it that we are just friends. Rocky says then starts wearing friendship band instead of mangalsutra. He says that your love story is famous in whole Amritsar. Rocky ask Twinkle that did you have a habit to get in relation with different boys. Yuvi makes him shut up. Twinkle ask Yuvi to leave.

Leela says to Twinkle not to waste her tears for a guy who is really shameful. Twinkle says that i am just doing it for my family. I have to do this. She says that i will have to take the last step. Twinkle come and tells everyone that she want to discuss something important. She says that as my husband had died now, i want my share in his property. I want to start a business and get dependent. Rocky says that people will get change for property. Twinkle tells him not to interfere in their family matter and behave like a guest. She says that if you don’t do this then i will file a complain against you. Babe says to her that if you do so then this family will break. Twinkle call some ladies from N.G.O. The lady says that if you will harm Twinkle or torture her then we will file a complain against you.

Twinkle calls her friend. She ask the family member to get snacks and tea. She ask Manohar to serve the drinks. She drops the drink and says to him to clean the floor. Then she call call for tea. Usha get the tea and Twinkle made it fall on her friends feet. She says to Usha to clean it. Twinkle thinks that please say now that you are Kunj. When Rocky is about to react Pallavi takes him away. Pallavi says him that Twinkle is just provoking you.

Pallavi books ticket for London. Twinkle hears it and says to Yuvi that if they go to London then their plan get failed.

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