Tashan-e-ishq 29th August Written Episode Updates Video: Kunj Asks Twinkle To Come With Him


The show starts and we see twinkle says to kunj that running away is not the solution and society wont let them live together so they can die together, and yuvi gets shocked. He asks her what is she doing, and she drives car fast and says that he fulfilled her all wishes now her turn. He sees truck coming and says she is gonna crazy, slow down but twinkle smirks and says she knows truck is coming.


Then yuvi takes her hand off steering wheel and she applies break quickly. He says that they would have died but she says that doing promises in love is too easy but truth comes out when testing time comes. She says he never loved her as she was a trophy for him to show. She says that she knew kunj cant do this and that’s why testing yuvi, but he failed. She says that he lost her and her friendship yuvraaj luthra and leaves saying bye, yuvi cries.
There kunj signs on his resignation letter saying to principal that for whom he came in this college now she wants me to go back from here so I am leaving. Principal thinks whats going on between rocky and twinkle?

Kunj comes home and sees lights are off and thinks its good all asleep else I don’t have mood to celebrate. Then lights switched on and all wishes him happy birthday, his family and friends are there, he touches usha and babey’s feet. They gives him blessing and usha says that its all pallavi’s arrangements and hard work since morning. Pallavi smirks and asks him to cut the cake.

He sees cake and remembers twinkle’s cake, he mumbles twinkle and all get shocked. Some guests whishpers calling him devdas of twinkle and he asks them thanks for coming and leaves from there. Usha thinks twinkle is the reason of his pain and sadness. There yuvi thinks that why he couldn’t get know that twinkle is testing him, but he smirks saying that fine now friendship is over only love will exist. Kunj drives his car recalling twinkle’s words. He comes out outside twinkle’s house and asks that why she don’t want to see his face, and twinkle cries silently in her room. And leela knoks at her door and she says leave her alone for sometime. Then leela asks her what happened and she says that the more she tries to handle her life the more she gets in trouble and wishes that kunj could understand her, then doorbell rings and leela sees kunj there.

There Yuvi comes in twinkle’s room by window and she insults him, and pushes him outside the door and sees kunj there and taunts both of them. She shuts the door and cries, then kunj hugs yuvi and thanks him to get out from their love story himself and leaves. Pallavi Waits for kunj and he comes and asks that what should he do to pacify twinkle and she she says that girls likes macho amn and he should be like this now. There twinkle tells her mom that she hates macho men and kunj thanks pallavi to give him idea and pallavi smirks………

We will see in next show that kunj comes twinkle’s house and says that I have come to take my wife with me else he would slap her and will take her away by putting her on his back, twinkle is shocked…………

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