Tashan-e-ishq 29th July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Yuvi Taking Off Twinkle’s Mangalsutra


Show starts with pallavi calling manager and asks for London’s flight and says that she will convince rocky and twinkle was listening all that and got tensed, twinkle tells all that to yuvi and says that we have to do something to stop her in taking kunj away from here. on the other hand where pallavi is convincing kunj to come with her and says that meeting in London is very important for his image and he should attend that but kunj refuses and says that you are seeing how twinkle is behaving in this situation how can I leave her and if u are forcing me so much then ok I will go but come back in two days, pallavi thinks that after going London we will live together forever and I will not let kunj come back.


Then manager came and tells about cancellilation of London’s event and hearing this pallavi got tensed. Yuvi calls someone and thanks him for sending fake reports of cancellation of londons event after it he tells twinkle that kunj is not going anywhere and she thanks him and they prayed in gurudwara. twinkle prays that whatever I am doing is just to bring my kunj back and please forgive me if I am doing anything wrong and yuvi says that I am with you on your every step now relax!!

babey says to leela to make her daughter understand for her misbehavior with them and leela thinks that please god twinkle either get successful in her work or everything ends.

On the other side pallavi tells kunj everything that yuvi made fake reports to stop you to go to London and wants you to blurt out truth but kunj says that he is not that old emotional kunj if they are doing something like that they are creating problems for themselves and not only saran family also twinkle’s mother leela will hate her too. when babey and usha come home they hear loud music and usha says babey to talk to twinkle because she only listens her then babey goes and tries to talk to twinkle but she ignores and babey switches off the music then twinkle starts it again and ignores and grabs that remote in her hands so much tightly so that babaey couldn’t take it and says twinkle there is limit of everything and says how can you change so much and twinkle says that do you remember that ego lady?

Babey get shocked and says that now you are threatening your babey? then twinkle brings a stick and starts beating herself badly and says that I will make these beating marks and you will be in jail in fake blame of domestic violence else let me play loud music and kunj sees all this twinkle thinks that why are you not saying anything after seeing your family in pain please accept that you are kunj and then kunj leaves from there and then twinkle slapped herself for what she did with babey…..

twinkle mixed chili in food and says to babay and usha to bring food as guests are in the house twinkle says that my mother makes very testy food till then usha and babey comes and serves the food to every one manohar eats and coughs and shouts on usha that you cant even make food nicely which you used to make earlier and suddenly kunj recalls that how his father used to torture his mother than manohar throws the food away and leaves as kunj cant see his mother crying and leaves too twinkle felt bad and holds the hand of yuvi and says slowly that I crossed all my limits still kunj is not reacting. she adds I m so bad and says that I even scolded manohar today and flash back shows twinkle with holding a knife in her hands in front of manohar with saying decide should I call ngo people ?or will you shout on usha and he says ok I will do as you says flashback ends on the other side lila get tensed about twinkles behaivour .
then kunj calls twinkle and says that you are very eager to listen from me then ok come to my home at 10pm but without your husband and cuts the call yuvi says its not safe to there because I don’t trust him but twinkle says that he is my kunj and he cant do anything wrong and dontworry then yuvi replied yes he is your husband your love and I m nothing to you so why will you listen to me do what you want and controls his anger.

After that twinkle is in kunjs room and he says now lets ends the games and face the truth and then a song plays tumhe apna bnane ka…..and they dance ,twinkle holds his hands and with tearfull eyes she recalls how they used to dance with each other and kunj asks do you think that I am your kunj after feeling my touch and twinkle pushes him and ask why you don’t accept it kunj starts annoying her by touching her and she pushes againg what type of vulgar things you are doing and what you want to prove and in these touchings they fell on bed and someone makes the vedio of them and touching her hair he says don’t get afraid my syapa queen and now twinkle get shocked and ran out from there and kunj smiles……….

PRECAP: twinkle slaps kunj and says that he cant be her kunj and its good that her unborn baby was killed before coming in world and cries and kunj get shocked………

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