Tashan-e-ishq 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Recap: Kunj Requests Twinkle For A Chance


The show starts and we see kunj is asking to twinkle in the church that will she marry him again? and twinkle is speechless and yuvi says that ofcourse she will as all knows that twinkle loves only you and she waited for you and missed you so much and only she was the one who identified you even when your family didn’t and she is, was and will be yours now let’s go home then they leave from there and kunj is sleeping in yuvi’s car at backseat and twinkle thinks that why she couldn’t answer to kunj and they reach home everyone thanks yuvi and worried about kunj only twinkle notices that yuvi is sad but trying to smile and then yuvi brings twinkle to porch and asks her to take rest and to eat something and drapes shawl around her and leaves suddenly twinkle shouts yuvi and he comes back and she says that she saw a wolf type something behind window and he asks her to take rest and goes.


Then kunj opens his eyes and sees twinkle standing near him with glass of milk and he says sorry for what he did yesterday and 5 years before and promises to not to leave her again then twinkle says that his sorry cant change anything now as they have lost their child and says that you never believed me and loved me that’s why you left seeing my marriage with yuvi and if you trusted me then you would have stopped me, questioned me but you just ran away and now I cant forgive you and cant give you another chance and goes to leela and cries hugging her asks that why this happens with her always and there yuvi cries hugging twinkle’s pic and says that twinkle is her little star and close to him but she cant get it, and recalls their happy moments.

There kunj goes in his old room and feels guilty with tears seeing toys of babies and think why he was not there when his wife and child needed him. In the next morning usha calls someone and invites for party at 7 pm tonight and kunj asks babey hearing this in kitchen that whats it? then babey tells him that we organized a party in happiness of his arrival and asks him to get ready for party. In the evening party starts and guests come and congratulate usha for his son’s arrival and till then yuvi and leela comes and babey greets them then twinkle comes in saree there and host announces that kunj has dedicated a song to twinkle and we all want them to dance on that and song starts ishq wala love and many couples dance then kunj tries to go close and touch twinkle while dancing and then couples are exchanged and twinkle dances with yuvi putting their hands on each other and song overs, then some ladies asks usha that who is twinkles real husband and taunts on her then yuvi comes and clears all matter and says that I don’t wanted to give any explanation but I have to give just because this society will point figure on twinkle and says that kunj’s twinkle is pure and he lived with her as a friend and used to take care of her nothing else……..

Precap: we will see twinkle says to kunj that did he see because of his stupid actions what she had to bear and kunj asks for a chance to set everything fine as earlier…….

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