Tashan-e-ishq 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Twinkle Comes To Kunj’s House


In the last episode, we had seen Twinkle finally decided and recall her love for Kunj. She gets aimed for Kunj and says that he is the only one for me. The episode starts with Twinkle getting the dream about Kunj. She sees that Kunj had decorated her room and sitting in front of her. Then Leela comes there and asks Twinkle to wake up. They both come outside and gets shocked seeing media there. Twinkle ask them that why did they come there. Kunj comes with Pallavi and says to Twinkle that your husband comes to take you with him. Twinkle and Leela get shocked.


Kunj then says that you are my wife and if you will not go with me then I will pick you up on my shoulder. Yuvi is watching all this and send his man inside. Pallavi smirks and signs Yuvi. The man comes there and asks Kunj to kiss her wife. Kunj gets shocked first and then go close to kiss Twinkle. Twinkle push him away and slap him hard. She gets shocked and says that are you out of your senses. Kunj gets angry and says that it’s enough now. He says that I had come here to propose you publically but you had made fun of my feelings. He signs on divorce papers and gives that to Twinkle and leaves.

Twinkle thinks on with the tear in her eyes when Yuvi comes to console her. He says that you just have to think about the right. Twinkle ask Yuvi to go and rushes towards her room. She says to Leela that I had realised that Kunj loves me truly. She says that I will go to my Kunj now.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Twinkle goes to Sarna house in the bridal dress and confess her love to Kunj. Usha gets shocked seeing her like that. Kunj didn’t response at Twinkle’s confession and remains silent. Now it will be interesting to see that what decision will Kunj take for Twinkle.

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