Tashan-e-ishq 30th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Today’s Epic Twist


In the last episode of Tashan-e-Ishq we saw that Yuvi was sitting in his room and was thinking that how the whole family got happy seeing Kunj. Yuvi thought that now they got their son back and recalled how Babee gave Twinkle’s hand to Kunj. Yuvi cried and get tensed thinking that all. While on the other hand Twinkle looked towards her photograph with Kunj and hugs it.


Twinkle was thinking how family got happy to see Kunj back in home. Twinkle recalled Leela’s words and saw her marriage photograph with Kunj and thought why she hasn’t wore Mangalsutra yet. Leela comes to Yuvi and said I have no words which can explain your pain. She said you are Twinkle’s husband for me and you both were so happy with each other. Yuvi said don’t be sad and you must be happy to know that Twinkle got Kunj back and now they will remain happy.

Twinkle saw her mangalsutra and recalled how she got married to Yuvi. While on the other hand Yuvi said hero entered in story and got the queen. Leela said you can’t be a villain, wthe one who changed the life of my daughter.

In today’s episode of Tashan-e-Ishq we will see that Usha will ask family that Kunj is not at home. And will show a letter to all. She will say taht I got this letter from his room. Usha will say he is leaving home. Yuvi will say that I will not let this happen. He will say that i will go and find Kunj. Twinkle will say that i will also come with you. Usha will say no, his heart was broken seeing you both together and the scenario will be shown where Kunj will be walking on the road while drinking wine.

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