Tashan-e-ishq 31st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Twinkle Walking On Burning Coals


The story in Tashan E Ishq had now taken a new turn. Twinkle had gone to confess her love in front of Kunj. In the last episode, we had seen Pallavi and Yuvi talking each other and thinking about their plan. Yuvi ask for help from Pallavi but being much clever she neglects to help him. Yuvi fumes at her when she was leaving. Usha talks to Pallavi and then gets shocked seeing Twinkle in bridal dress. She comes to her and calls her shameless. Twinkle goes to Kunj ignoring Usha and apologizes to him. Kunj doesn’t respond to her and leaves.


Twinkle gets aimed and says that I will make you mine Kunj. She determines to get her Kunj back. She then tries to convince her by going behind him and to his office. Pallavi gets tensed and then plays trick  with Twinkle. She mixes the chilly powder in the food which Twinkle bring for Kunj. Twinkle tries to convince Kunj repeatedly but he left in his car with Pallavi. On the way when Twinkle following their car, Kunj stops the car and purpose Pallavi for marriage. Twinkle gets shocked by this. Yuvi looks all this from far.

Then Usha gets happy and goes to Leela to tell her everything. Leela gets shocked and Twinkle says that I will get my Kunj back. Then Kunj comes to Usha and argues with her. He says that I only love Twinkle and I just purpose Pallavi to feel her jealous. Pallavi comes to  Yuvi and says that we have to stop Kunj and Twinkle from getting unite. She then calls Kunj when he is going to Twinkle and says  something by which Kunj gets shocked. Yuvi goes to Twinkle and says that Kunj is just lying and he turns his mind, he is going to marry Pallavi.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Kunj and Pallavi are  going to get marry. This made everyone shocked. Twinkle acts like stubborn and walks on burning coal. She says that I want my Kunj back. She repeatedly calls God to help her while walking on coal. Now it will be interesting to see that what turn now Kunj’s and Twinkle’s story take. Stay tuned for more updates and news like this.

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