Tashan-e-ishq 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Twinkle Final Her Decision


The show starts an we see kunj and yuvraaj debating with each other and kunj says that twinkle is his wife and will be that’s why he has right on her to talk anytime and yuvraj stops him and asks him that where his husband love gone when only yuvi was there to take care of her and tells that they have bonding more strong than them’s that’s why he cant leave her and will take care of her and kunj says that leave this on twinkle and lets see that whom she wants as her husband and the best man for her will win and they go to their rooms and thinks about each other’s challenge and there pinni.


Raman talks about twinkle’s problem and situation just then twinkle comes with bags and luggage and we get to know that it was leela’s dream and worries waking up and prays to god to help twinkle as she has faced may storms as problems and she goes to twinkle and asks her to eat breakfast as she has made her fav dish and she refuses to eat and says that she is not hungary and asks leela to leave her on her condition.

Leela leaves food there and asks her to eat when she will feel alright and then some kids from leela’s ngo comes to twinkle and she says that she is in stress then yuvi comes and asks that are they want to twinkle smile so he has an idea and whispers in their ears and then they all come with having their hands on their head and say that they have tensions as they didn’t play and danced then yuvi comes in salman khan’s style and dances with kids on dabangg.. and twinkle claps seeing them and yuvi says we will say bye to stress and hi to happiness, leela smiles seeing it and just then twinkle gets a call of babey asking her to come saran family for one hour just for her then she agrees and tells yuvi and leela that she is going there and yuvi thinks that it is all gameplan of kunj and there kunj thinks that he will pacify twinkle now and kunj plays mandlin like raj seeing twinkle there and comes to her on knees and asks her to forget his mistakes and says that please give me one chance my siyapa queen and lets start a new life together and opens his arms but twinkle runs out of there with tearful eyes and finds yuvi there, he gives her hankie and asks her to have bike ride with him but twinkle refuses to go but he convinces her and she sits behind him and go, kunj gets angry seeing this and yuvi says to twinkle that they were best friends and will be and he will respect her decision whatever it will be then twinkle smiles and enjoys bike ride, and after some time yuvi asks her that she is his centre of universe and he loves her from heart and wanted her as a life partner then twinkle becomes angry and says that he increased his tensions and says that she doesn’t need him and kunj now and leaves from there and seeing her alone kunj thinks that yuvi’s plan is fail now what should be done to light up her mood…..

Precap: we will see yuvi with flowers in front of twinkle and says that she will not deny to her friend and kunj says that he is her first love so she will choose me and twinkle says that its her final decision…….

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