Tashan-e-ishq 5th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Yuvi Brings Roses For Twinkle


The show starts and we see twinkle talking to babey and leela and asks that did they now that yuvi and kunj both wanted to impress me, purpose me and says that ok your silence is saying everything and I didn’t expected this from both of you as you both understand me but even you didn’t ask me that what I want, cant I stay alone for some time? and goes to her room.


Yuvi and kunj both comes at same time to leela’s home and say loudly that where is twinkle they need to talk her and raman asks them what is this? then yuvi says that where is twinkle please tell me and kunj says where is she I wanna talk her but pinni and raman say that she has gone somewhere and we promised her to not tell about her to anyone then they accused each other for whats happening with them and starts to fight but raman stops them and asks them to go out and fight as his home is not wrestling ring then they both think of finding twinkle and go to leela and ask about her but she says that she cant tell them anything as twinkle has taken swear from her and flashback shows that twinkle is asking leela to go out of city and wants to spend time alone as she has a lots of worries in her life and says that she will be updated and will call her time to time and goes and twinkle takes promise from her that she wont tell anyone about her, flashback ends.

Leela asks them to go but kunj thinks that there is a weak link in this house and yuvi thinks he will get to know about her from that person. There twinkle is going somewhere in taxi and thinks about yuvi and kunj’s words, and then her taxi comes to halt and driver checks the problem in car and twinkle comes out of car and goes to a tea stall and takes tea just then playing kids bring her to centre and dances around her on patakha guddi…. song and twinkle smiles seeing them and dances with them then driver calls her and she says bye to kids and leaves.

There kunj massages raman and asks him about twinkle as he has come from the mouth of death for twinkle and on the other side yuvi acts like cutting his nerve in front of pinni and asks about twinkle and they both tell to both of them that she is in masoori, hotel hill view. Then kunj sits in car and thinks of taking twinkle back then he starts and sees his car wires broken and shouts yuvi… then yuvi comes with his wires and says now see how I go and will bring twinkle back then he sits on his bikes and finds starting it that its not petrol in it and shouts kunj….. There twinkle comes in hotel’s room and sees the views from window and smiles and promises herself that she will be twinkle taneja here not siyapa queen or baby doll.

Then she goes to reception and finds a girl named Sonia there taking selfies and she asks twinkle and that from where is she and she replies Amritsar and she laughs saying that I am also from there and we should have coffee together and goes to a restaurant and order coffee for them and she asks twinkle about her relationship and twinkle doesn’t says anything and sonia says that she is not for relatioships as she cant keep them and just love food and twinkle smiles. There kunj goes to bus stop and thinks that yuvi cant reach there and I will, and yuvi also thinks standing out of bus stop that yuvraj luthra gets what he wants..

Precap: we will see yuvi with flowers in front of twinkle and says that she will not deny her friend and kunj says that he is her first love so she will choose him and twinkle says that her decision is final……..

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