Tashan-e-ishq 8th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Zee Tv Recap: Twinkle Dance With A Geek Guy


The show starts and we see kunj and yuvi promising themselves to bring twinkle back. There twinkle and Sonia talks each other about food and enjoys each other’s other company. Some boys drink wine and come to twinkle and Sonia’s bench seeing them in bad way and start to tease them. Sonia replies them rudely and twinkle asks her to relax and to go their room. they follow them commenting cheaply.


Then twinkle comes to boy’s room and says that they have come there by mistake and boys become happy that girls agreed to come with them and lights are switched off and when they turn lights on, they see twinkle and Sonia are ready to beat them with their sandals and they say that now girls will show you how to harass a girl and start to beat boys badly with their sandals and take off their pants too. There on reception yuvi and kunj comes and asks about twinkle and they see twinkle bringing the boys outside beating. They hide their face as they think twinkle is in fighting mood and what if she stats beating them too. Then boys says sorry sisters and run away, then girls laugh and do hi five with sandals saying girl power wins and twinkle leaves from there to her room.

Sonia sees kunj following twinkle and stops him to ask why he is doing that and just then yuvi comes and says that he liked the way they beat that cheap guys and kunj says that he was also about to say the same. She thanks them and leaves and they start arguing that they are copy cat of each other but cant impress twinkle and they leave from there. Then Sonia comes to twinkle’s room and appreciates her for beating that cheap boys then she replies all boys are cheap and they just need to be set right like this. Then Sonia says that all boys are not cheap as she has shown two boys outside who were appreciating us and were handsome too.

Later we see twinkle is in restaurant and Sonia comes with yuvi and kunj and introduce them with her and twinkle leaves saying that she will eat in her room and Sonia goes behind him. Twinkle says herselh that cant they leave her alone for some time just then Sonia comes and asks what happened? she tells that the view is better from this room. Then comes in lobby and kunj asks her to give him one chance as he doesn’t wants to do the mistake of leaving her again and asks for a coffee, twinkle agrees. Yuvi sees it and thinks that he will not let him succeed this time.

Then twinkle and kunj go to café and manager says its close and cant be open right now then yuvi comes and says that lets go twinkle we will go to pub its open and kunj says that she will go with him as she agreed to me. Twinkle gets frustrated from their argument and leaves from there, but their argue remains continue and they challenge each other that who will talk to her first. Then we see twinkle is in pub and drinks that juice which is spiked by the beaten guys with intensions to take revenge from her and she feels dizzy, a guy comes and asks her for dance and she agrees but yuvi and kunj tries to stop him but twinkle stops them and starts to dance seductively with that guy and they both get shocked…….

Precap: we will see yuvi with roses and says that twinkle wont deny him as he is her best friend and kunj says that she wont deny him as he is her first love and twinkle says that its her final dicision……

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