Tashan e ishq 6th September 2016 Written Episode Watch Updates: Twinkle Stabs Kunj With Knife

Tashan e ishq

In the last episode of Tashan E Ishq, we had seen Pallavi playing cheap tricks to get Kunj back to her. She says that I will get Kunj at any cost. Then the members of Sarna’s house are watching the news about Kunj and gets shocked to see the MMS of him with Pallavi. Pallavi gets ashamed and then says that I have to do this to get Kunj back to me. Then Kunj comes there with Twinkle and Yuvi. He says that I don’t take all this rubbish as the true thing. Pallavi gets angry. Twinkle says that I don’t think that you can be so cheap Pallavi. Pallavi tries to  defend herself.

Tashan e ishq

The arguments between the family members continued. Pallavi says that being a girl I will not make my MMS. Twinkle tries to protect Kunj but gets shocked when Babee slaps Kunj hard. She says that how can you spoil a girls life. Twinkle gets an idea and says to Kunj that you should marry Pallavi now. Kunj gets shocked and says the same to Pallavi. He says that I have to marry Pallavi as I am his victim. Pallavi gets surprised at this and says that I got what I want.

Kunj then goes to the terrace at the night and sees Twinkle. He says to Twinkle that I understood about your sign and ask her about the plan. They both hug each other. Pallavi is getting ready for the engagement. Leela says to Twinkle that how can you let Kunj go. Then she gets a call from Babee and gets shocked to hear the news about engagement. At night the arrangements were made for the engagement ceremony. Kunj comes there. Yuvi comes and congrats Pallavi. Babbe gets tensed. Twinkle comes and starts arguing with Kunj. Then Pallavi gets angry at this and asks the security to drag her out. The guards drag Twinkle out and Kunj comes silently to console her. Yuvi see them both together and when he is about to go inside Kunj makes him faint by punching him hard and tries him with the chair.

Kunj then goes to the party again. He gets Twinkle’s calls and  goes in the corner to talk her. He then gets shocked seeing Pallavi besides him. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Twinkle comes in party and stabs on Kunj with a fake knife. She says that I will not let Kunj be of anyone. Everyone gets shocked and Kunj falls on the floor. Stay tuned for more updates and gossips of Tashan E Ishq like this.

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