Tashan e ishq 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv Recap: Kunj & Twinkle Plan To Catch Anita

Tashan e ishq

In the last episode in a flashback, Yuvi was shown to be putting a deadbody in Simple’s car. Simple came back to her jeep. The guy saw a deadbody in Simple’s jeep and called police. Police stopped her car and said that they have to search it. Inspector found deadbody in Simple’s car and she said that she don’t know how it came in her car. Inspector said that the will investigate but now they have to arrest her. Police arrested Simple and flashback ended. Twinkle and Kunj met Yuvi. Twinkle said to Yuvi that because of him an innocent girl is in jail. Yuvi said that if they go to police then they will involve them. Kunj said that they should go to police. They all left.

Tashan e ishq

Leela said to Manohar and Babee that Yuvi and Anita are behind all that and said that she did not expect this from Yuvi. Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle came to Police station. Twinkle said that Simple is not at fault. Kunj said that they brought inspector home for that deadbody but it was gone. Twinkle said to police that she don’t know how deadbody reacher Simple’s car and asked police to free her. Inspector asked about whole story. Kunj told him everything that how Pallavi did suicide and said that Inspector can charge him for Pallavi’s suicide if he think that she died because of him. Simple came there. She asked who put deadbody in her car. She said that she wont spare that guy.

Inspector asked who saw Pallavi last time. Kunj saw Yuvi gone. Yuvi was outsite police station. He was hiden in Simples car from police. Simple was driving car and Yuvi screamed when he got hit on head. Simple turned back and saw him in her car.

In today’s episode Kunj says to Twinkle that Babee is not wrong as she doubt on Anita and Kunj saw blood on Anita’s hands. Twinkle says that they have to catch them red handed. Kunj calls Anita for extortion and asks her 5lacs to put it dustbin near Guradvarah. Anita comes to Guradvarah and puts money near bin.

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