Te3n vs Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie 13 Days Total Box Office Collection Business Figures


When two movies release on the same date, clashes begin, as well as the comparison. Here is an insight into how well these both movies: Te3n and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, did at the box office. Te3n and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani , both the movies got released on the same date, i.e., 10 JUNE 2016.

TE3N directed by Ribhu Das Gupta, and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, directed by Deepak Tijori are both, of a different genres. While the former, having Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan in the lead roles, is a thriller, latter, having Randeep Hooda, and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles is a romantic drama. Te3n is a movie with lot of suspense till the very end making you stick to the seats and keep viewers busy guessing ,what next. Whereas Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is quite a predictable story.


The shoot location of DLKK , that is, Kuala Lumpur, is also a plus, as it a less explored place in Bollywood. Te3n is shot in the sultry parts of Kolkata, that goes with the plot of the movie.

Te3n got 7.4 on a scale of 10, while the latter scored 7.8 for the same.

As per the reviewers, Te3n is worth a watch. DLKK got mixed reviews, critics found the script to be weak and direction to be poor. On one hand where, Te3n keeps you engrossed till the end credits, misses out on the technical polishes of direction, and, therefore is unable to create the magic of ‘Always’, the South Korean movie, of which it is a remake.

do lafzon ki kahani

Amitabh’s superlative presence in Te3n is an incentive, not to miss the film. In both the movies, leads have presented their best, but critics believe that the script is unable to explore Randeep’s capabilities as an actor. Few critics also believe that, editing in the movie Te3n could have been ‘tighter’. Bollywood celebrities Shoojit Sarcar, Aditi Rao Hydari , Angad Bedi were all praises for the film TE3N, and updated it on social media. And, for DDKK, Kumar Rashid Khan tweeted , calling it a ‘wahiyat’ film and giving it a one star.

So, the movie Te3n won more applauds and appraisals as compared to DLKK. Amitabh Bachchan proved to be the star power of the movie Te3n.

Now, coming towards the figures, let’s talk about the Box Office collections. The movie Te3n collected Rs. 2.61 Cr. on the very first day, 3.97 Cr. on the second day. 4.55 Cr. on the third day, 1.39 Cr. on the fourth day. Though DLKK didn’ impress the critics much,but, still, could convince the audience to buy a ticket.

DDKK collected Rs. 1.03 Cr. on the first day, 1.26 Cr. on the second day, 1.45 Cr. on the third day. Total collection of Te3n has been recorded as Rs. 15.19 Cr. approximately, while DDKK managed to collect Rs. 5.16 Cr. approximately.

Te3n being praised by critics at so much length, too couldn’t afford to attract more audience after first 3 days of opening. Though it is a win-win situation for Te3n, yet, performances of the stars in both the films are appreciated.

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