Teen Wolf Season 6: Release Date Spoilers Nazi Warewolf Villian And World War Flashback

teen wolf season 6

As the season 6 of ‘Teen Wolf’ is coming closer people are wondering what would happen in the next season. Now if we talk about the spoilers then it looks like a new Nazi Warewolf is coming to the show and show will also feature flashbacks of world war.

Tyler Posey (Scott Mccall) told shared the informatiin with the Entertainment Weekly. According to Posey there might be a Nazi Warewolf on the show. He also said that he is interested to see such character on the show. It will be oldest wolf on the show as this Nazi Warewolf is from the workd war time. The name gave it away.

teen wolf season 6Nazi Warewolf will nit be a ordinary warewolf and why would it be. They already have ordinay warewolfs. This one is more vicious and scary then any other. And will also have some special new abilities.

Jeff Davis revealed that the show will also show the glimpses of the past. No! They will not time travel but show flashbacks from the past. The flashback will show the nazis from the Germany from the period of world war.

More news on the show is thatshowrunners will introduce new mythology. And according to Davis, it is going to be very much cool.

Also there is going to be new cast in the new season of ‘TeenWolf’. There is going to be three new characters who will be playing villians apparently. The only thing Davis shared about these three new character is that all three of them is tall. He also said that these two will bring lots of problems to Beacon Hills. Also they will cause too much pain to the people and especially Sheriff Stillnski.

Unfortunately the official dates of season 6 premire has not been releaved by the MTV. ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 is coming to the MTV this fall. Stay tune with us for more updates. And if you have any doubt you can always ask in the comment section below.

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