Telugu Blockbuster Movie “Oka Manasu” Public Review Rating Box Office Collection Figures

oka manasu

Tamil actors are continuously growing to be more perfection because of their enhancing passion towards movies and their roles whether inside or outside the movie.

A tamil movie is on it’s way to audience by the most famous and renown actor Nagababu’s daughter Niharika Konidela. In her debut with a movie named as “Oka Manasu,”.  When asked by her about starting her career and who is inspiration for her acting. Praise about her great uncles who is also the megastar of Tamil movies known as Chiranjeevi and power star Pawan Kalyan encouraged her to start a acting career.

oka manasu

This star family have given many very talented heroes to the Telugu film industry, but this time Niharika Konidela is the first girl from this prestigious family to make debut as an actress.

The Fans of this mega-star family and their well-wishers others from the industry are worried about the girls capability that would she be able to live up to the dignity of his family. The glowing and mature actress recently interacted with her newly made mega fans and assured that she will not let her family’s glory down.

Niharika’s first movie is scheduled to be release on June 24 and she is leaving no chances to make it a big hit at the box office. She is quite busy giving interviews to many well-known media houses and one big question that she had to encounter in every interview whether she would play a glam role or a strong role.
When she was interviewed she told that “I’ve never been a fan of glamorous roles and never wanted to do them. I am getting all the limelight now as I come with this huge responsibility. But if i want to gain my own individuality, I will have to prove my worth by performing goal-oriented roles in the required situations. Thankfully, I am making my debut with a challenging and strong movie like Oka Manasu,”.

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