Telugu Film Friend Request Review Opening Earning Box Office Collection

Friend Request Telugu Movie

Friend Request , one of the Telgu horror film which is released today, its 8th July 2016 and the film is on the big screens worldwide and has a positive review from the audience. The film was directed by one of the amazing and very talented person , Aditya Om and had produced by Vijay Verma Pakalpati under their banner of Modern Cinema.

The film is featuring Aditya Om, Nithish Choudary, Rohith, Pankaj in main leading roles. Achint Kaur, Sheetal Singh, Manisha Kelkar playing the female leading roles in the movie. The story of the film is based on a horror drama concept which had attracted a large number of audience.

Friend Request Telugu Movie

As the trailer of the film was already released few days back on social media and YouTube and had created a craze among the audience to watch the film as it has a great  and amazing horror story with joyful concept , and the acting done by the characters in the film was quite impressive and which really catch the eyes of the audience and viewers  as well with a positive response.

Tollywood audience is just having a craze for the film, and now it is on  the screens we had saw a large crowd in the theaters which means the film going to have a great collection from box office. The trailer of the film was just make the audience to go and watch the film in  theater as it has generated an excitement among them with a joyful show.

Producers of  the film had a big hope from the film and have  an expectation to have a great business from box office . The official trailer was released on 19th June and its 8th July and the film is on screens worldwide, the film was released on more than 370 screens .

film has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 as per the critics and has a great craze among the audience since they had watched the trailer of the film, Every one is just appreciating the film and has wish to watch the film, the promotions of the film are mainly focused in the main regions in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The film had earned approx Rs. 4.4 cr. from box office and we think its a great start for the  business in the Telgu film industry, the film is still on the screens and continuing with its business worldwide. It has a good and positive reviews from audience and they really loved the story of the film.

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