Telugu Flick Arddhanaari Movie Review Box Office Collection Audience Rating

Arddhanaari Movie

A movie which is based on the social problems and highlighting all the problems and sufferings which are being faced by the people and specially who are from those community which is not faced by others very often. They have to face so many consequences and situations which so many times come back as revenge and very dangerous.

A movie which is based on the community of those people who are not really accepted in our community and sometimes have to see awkward situations and faces many things which can be upsetting for many guys. So the movie is being run by a person who personifies as Arjun Yajath who is playing the lead role, his supportive role whiich is being played by Mouryani.

Arddhanaari MovieThe Movie concept is quite different but surely to say that the movie is just give a try to watch once. Movie on this genre has already been released in tamil language in 2012. So this might be taken as the sequel of that movie who have seen the first movie which is being released before this.

The movie’s trailer is given positive response by the critics and the audience and is being given a thumbs up by many guys, So the movie is expecting a good response on the big screen. So the movie is just waiting to get release on the Box office and then everything will going to come n front.

The movie is having so much action and many revenges as it can be seen in the trailer of the movie and basically all the action is being done by the main lead of the movie Arjun, so the movie is quite watching.

The movie is also featuring a crime thriller story which is running trend in the movies and can be worth standing for in the box office.The movie is going to release on 1st of July.

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