Telugu Movie Brahmana Till Date Total Box Office Collection Report

brahmana movie

Brahmana , it is the recently released Telugu film which had a good response from the audience, the film was released on 7th July 2016 and had created a buzz on the box office and in Telugu film industry as well by its huge collection and with a positive response from the audience.

Brahmana is the dubbed version of one of the Kannada film Shivam, which was released in the year 2015 and had a good response from the audience, and in response to have a good response from the Kannada audience, the producers have an idea to create the remake of the film.

brahmana movie

Brahmana had attracted a large number of audience towards it and as the story of the film is so good and loved by the audience. The film was written by Srinuvasas Raju and had produced by C.R.Manohar under their banner named Tanvi Films. All the cinematography of the film was done by Venkat Prasad and editing in the film is done by Vinod Manohar.

Here the film is featuring more of the very talented and very experienced actors in the film, Upendra, Saloni Aswani and Ragini Dwiwedi are playing the main leading role of the film. They all did such a good job and given such a fabulous performance in front of the camera.

The budget of Brahmana was 15 cr. and having a running time of 149 minutes. And producers having a big hope from the film that it going to be the block buster like the earlier film which was made in Kannada , Shivam. On the very first day of its release it collects about Rs. 1.24 cr. from the box office and really appreciated by the audience, they all loved the film and the story concept as well. As its is quite different and so amazing did by the characters played. And on the 2nd day of its release the rates of the earnings are just fall down and it collected about Rs. . from the box office.
Here now its the 7th day of its release and it had collected about Rs. 67 lakh from box office and didn’t succeed to cross the mark of 10 cr. but the film is on the screens and we can’t put our guesses here. Over all the story of the film was little interesting and Brahmana is still on the screens and continuing with its business on box office. For more to know about upcoming movies and their box office collections stay tuned with us.

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