Telugu Movie Gentleman Review Rating Public Response Still Critics Box Office Collection


If you want to watch a movie in which you want to get very curious until the climax of the movie then you must opt for Telugu based Gentleman movie.

A movie which is full of action thriller genre in which you can get really surprised to watch the hero in a duel personality sometimes in the movie doing both as hero and a villain too. The main lead actor the famous and known name Nani is in his second chance with the same director Mohan Krishna Indraganti. The first movie of them as a team was Asta Chamma which was the debut movie of him and the movie introduced Nani as a good and developing actor. Now this Duo has increased expectations on this next movie or we can call it project to test their abilities.


Also, this is the fourth movie of Nani with Avasarala Srinivas, who was also a crucial part of Asta Chamma. Nani is pairing with Surabhi for the first time, who has appeared in few Telugu films like Beeruva.

As expected by many guys the Gentleman movie is a romantic thriller and you will see Nani is two different appearances in the movie as told you before. Until now you have seen Nani in very good a loving entertainers, but this movie Gentleman is very different and has been put to test his abilities. All the actors has performed well and the direction is very good to be called.

Manisharma who is the producer has done a brilliant job by giving very good tunes for this movie. The Interval block of the movie is the main highlight of the movie and as told earlier the movie is of two personalities of a single person.

The critics and audience after watching the trailer and teaser has given it their promotional support and will be looking forward to the movie and the genre made them expect more from the director.

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