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Rani Gari Bungala

Rani Gari Bungala is one of the Telugu flick of the year 2016 and going to release on 29th July 2016 on the big screens. Trailer of Rani Gari Bungala was released few day back on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and really loved by the audience. Rani Gari Bungala is directed by the very talented and so known person for the Tollywood film industry D. Divakar Reddy.

Rani Gari Bungala

He had done many of the hit films in his career and he is one of the amazing artist of the Tollywood film industry. D. Divakar Reddy done most of his work in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films. Rani Gari Bungala is featuring more of the amazing stars of Tollywood film industry which includes Rashmi Gautam and Anand Nanda in the main leading role of the film. They both did a great job in the film and their acting is so good.

Audience who had watched the trailer of the film is just said they love the acting of both of the leading actors as they played so well with their characters. Rashmi Gautam and Anand Nanda both of the superstars are known for their amazing work in front of the camera and as they have a great experience of to come in front of the camera and had done more of the films in their career.

So here as well they had put their best efforts to make the audience impressed by  their characters and done so good. Audience really appreciated their acting. All the related music and the tracks of the film are already released on internet and just got viral . Listeners really love the music of the film Rani Gari Bungala.

All the tracks of the Rani Gari Bungala is composed by the very talented artist of the Tollywood film industry named as RP Patnaik. He is so known for his amazing work and had done many of the hit albums. Rani Gari Bungala was scheduled to be release on 29th July 2016 and audience is extremely waiting for the film to be on the big screens. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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