Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates Match 26th July Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Streaming Highlights Result

Pro Kabaddi season 4

One of the most renown game of India which has its own glory and valor with the most admiring players and dedicated players both inside and outside India. The tournament of Pro Kabaddi League is one of the game which is  based to pick out the most talented and give them a chance to show the courage in the game which is made of strict and tough rules which should be followed at any cost by the players.

The game consists of 8 teams from which two teams are going to have the fight today. The teams which are going to face off today in the game is Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans. The First Team of them is owned by KVS Energy and Sports Limited, Patna Pirates believes that the spirit of the pirate is the spirit of not letting any chance to go by their hands, by using the environment to advantage, of striking when the enemy is least aware. It is named not after the criminal meaning of the word but after the Greek word ‘peirin’ which means “to attack”.

Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates

The KVS Energy and Sports Limited, is basically owned by Rajesh Shah, who is the Co Chairman and Managing Director of Mukand Ltd and his son Mr. Kaustubh Vir Shah.

Mukand is one of the India’s leading integrated specialty steel producer and also a manufacturer of heavy industrial machinery. Mr. Rajesh Shah who is the third generation industrialist who has held several board positions in large Indian Public sector Units as well as multi national companies. He is the Past President of the Confederation of Indian Industries, and the Young Presidents’ Organisation. Mr. Shah is also a keen follower of sport and is himself a fitness enthusiast.

The other team is Telugu Titans Veera Sports which is backed by Core Green group, Greenko group and NED group own Telugu Titans. Veera Sports is one of the leading team and is led by Srinivas Sreeramaneni, co-founder and Chairman of the Core Green Group along with Mahesh Kolli & Anil of Greenko Group and Gautham Reddy of NED Group.

Star raider Rahul Chaudhari from Telugu Titans won the prestigious ‘Raider of the Tournament’ award in the inaugural season of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi.

The game of Today is going to be one of the most amazing one because of the semi-finals which are very near to start in this event.

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