Texas Man Who Drank Victims Blood To Be Executed Today

Texas Man Who Drank Victims Blood To Be Executed Today

Pablo Vasquez, a South Texas man will be sentenced to death on April 06, 2016 at 06.00 PM IST, as he bludgeoned and slashed to death a 12-year-old boy, and even drunk the victim’s blood.

Pablo will be set to die, as he will get injected with lethal poison by 06.00 PM today. If the execution goes ahead, it will become sixth in Texas this year, and the 537th one since the United States Supreme Court reinstated the death sentence on 1976, after much opposition. This year, Supreme Court of the nation has conducted ten execution, and with this, it will become eleven.

Pablo’s lawyers have launched a final stay petition to the Supreme Court, and earlier they have claimed that the accused has mental problems, and he has previously faced learning disabilities. They also told that the trial trial counsel was ineffective for not using an insanity defense.

The killing happened in 1998, and the victim was David Cardenas. According to court papers, arms were seen missing from the recovered dead body, and there was a hole in the head.

Later, Police officials submitted a confession tape in front of the court officials in which Pablo was seen opening up about the killing. He who was 21 then, even admitted that he has drunk the blood from the victim’s wound, and at that time, David was alive too.

Vasquez during the confession stated that he heard sounds in his head, and somebody was murmuring in his ears to kill him. Chapa, Pablo’s cousin was also present there during the time of murder, and he was sentenced to 35 year-old imprisonment, as he was minor during the time of crime.

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