Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates TPK Recap: Vasundhara Shoots At Dhruv

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see dhruv looking for thapki and shouts taking her name. Bihaan also shouts, looking for her. Thapki runs but gets caught by dhruv and he says that he doesn’t like this and takes her with him. Thapki cries saying that please leave me. There bauji and dadi ask vasu that how could she hide such a big thing from them and shradha tells that she told her earlier to tell everyone. Then vasu says crying that she was helpless as he aimed gun on his head and blackmailed me, how could I let him die, then bauji tells her that he is not her dhruv he is a animal now.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Sanjay asks bauji to call bihaan. There thapki says that his love will be incomplete as he didn’t complete marriage rituals and then he torchures her by tying her with rope and grinds some mehandi leaves to put it onher hand and opens her hands to do mehandi rasams but she asks him not to come close to her and shouts bihaan, there bihaan shouts thapki, looking for her in jungle. Dhruv gets angry and breaks a glass bottle and says that he will dance on her mehnadi and plays a song on his phone and smiles. He gets angry seeing written B on her hand and says that he will make it D d for dhruv.

Bihaan and thapki cries at different places. Then dhruv applies mehandi and write D in place of B and teis her again. He goes to take haldi and doesn’t see thapki when he return back as she cut the rope with broken glass pieces and hides, then dhruv smiles running her away. There bihaan hears thapki’s voice shouting bihaan.. She sees bihaan far from her and is about to shout but dhruv comes and takes her away from there. As bihaan turns he cant see them and leaves. Dhruv shouts on her and she acts like fainting and dhruv goes to take water making her lying there. Then thapki calls bihaan from dhruv’s phone and tells him about the place and also she saw him near bridge. Then bihaan asks her not to worry as all are searching her, even police is with them, and assures her that he is coming there. Then dhruv comes and thapki hides phone but dhruv takes his phone from her hand and gets angry seeing his recent call to bihaan……….

Precap: we will see dhruv aims gun and makes thapki and bihaan to take reverse rounds, then vasu comes and shouts dhruv and shoots…..

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