Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video TPK: Who Will Shot By Vasundhara’s Bullet

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see bihaan thinking of temple on the way and goes there, he hears thapki’s voice and goes inside. He finds tape recorder and throws it. Then he finds her necklace and some blood marks on it and shouts dhruv…. I will not leave you. There dhruv and thapki are on the way and she shouts bihaan… and says that now police is with her no one can save him, dhruv applies tape on her mouth and put her on backseat tying her hands, he threatens her to kill bihaan and she cries.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Then dhruv asks a man about checking on road and he tells that a media guy ran away and they are looking for him, he goes giving dhruv India’s flag paper. Inspector stops his car and sees his colored face and he wishes him happy independence day. Inspector asks him to get his car checked but just he gets message from control room and he goes saying him to go. Dhruv sees bihaan on his bike from car’s mirror and tells inspector that the bike guy was talking about bomb and all and goes.

Bihaan shouts dhruv… but inspector stops him to check him and thapki cries seeing bihaan. Dhruv takes her to an old deserted mill and asks her to get ready for marriage as he wants her bride to be look beautiful, and goes from there asking her to not to run away. Thapki writes a message on a kite and prays that it will reach to bihaan. There police let him go when he tells that he is bihaan pandey and he reads that kite’s message of thapki and goes to old mill reading address from kite. Dhruv comes and asks thapki that why she didn’t get ready and says that she is looking beautifull even like this, and forces her holding her hand. she says that he is gonna animal, he hurts her hand twisting it and she cries. He says that she has seen his love now seeing his madness, and says only one phera is left and tries to tie gathbandhan. Just then bihaan reaches and gets angry seeing this and thapki runs to him and hugs him.

Bihaan and dhruv start fighting. Dhruv falls and the family reaches and asks them that they all are with them, thapki hugs vasu. Dhruv satnds up with aknife and stabs bihaan’s leg and says that thapki is only his, he can kill them all for her as they are not his family coz they cheated him. Dhruv shouts on all of them saying to move inside the mill aiming gun on thapki. They all move and he pushes thapki towards bihaan and suppress a button, a poisonous gas starts filling in mill. He says to bihaan that all will die in 5 min, bihaan gets shocked. All start coughing……

Precap: we will see thapki and bihaan taking reverse pheras. Vasu shouts dhruv….. and shoots…..

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