Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th August 2016 Written Episode Updates TPK Recap: New Family Enters Pandey Nivaas

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see bauji scolds dhruv that he can never be like bihaan as he is much higher than him. Then doctor comes and informs them that bihaan is out of danger now and they will shift him to ward soon. They all thank god and thapki cries and hugs dadi. She goes to bihaan and asks him holding him that how is he now, and bihaan looks at everyone. He sees dhruv crying outside the door and recalls the childhood memories when doctor asked him to do rest but he says that even if his both legs break, he can do anything for dhruv still and fb ends. Then we see dhruv enters the ward and holds the leg of bihaan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Bihaan asks Dhruv shockingly that what is he doing and sits up, dhruv says that he always wanted to stop their marriage but now he wants to get this work done and gives him sindoor to fill in thapki’s maang and gives mangalsutra to make her wear. Bihaan takes them and fills her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra and everyone smiles clapping. Then dhruv moves back to go and bihaan asks him where is he going then he says that he odesnt know but he cant meet anyone’s eye there as his mistake cant be forgive and he leaves. Bihaan asks everyone to stop him and shouts dhruv…. but thapki asks him to take rest.

AFTER 2 MONTHS…… We see thapki is praying in temple and dadi comes and says that vasu has gone to aashram and thapki manages house very well, she would be glad if she was here. Thapki asks about her return and dadi says that she will be back after completing her repentance, and dadi asks her for bhagwad geeta to read and thapki reads it and gives special tea to her. Then she goes to bauji and says that she gave him medicine but why he didn’t take it yet then he takes medicines and says that he forgot as he was busy in checking accounts. Then thapki misses vasu and cries asking bihaan that when will she come and he consoles her that soon she will be back. Aman comes to their house and says that the way dhruv left this channel, the shares went low and his channels value got down, so they want to buy this channel and calls a mystery guy going outside that he did as he said and that mystery man says that he wants this channel at any cost. Then bauji tells thapki that what will they do with this channel if dhruv is not here atleast someone can run it.

Bihaan refused to come with bauji and thapki to dhruv’s office as he cant see the channel without him. Then they reach there and meet office staff, and staff ask about their channel is really selling off and thapki asks them to not take tension and to do their work. A lady shows a viewer’s letter to thapki and she gets to know the value of this channel after reading it and thinks that this should not be stop. Then that man reaches there and talks to that mystery man on phone that he reached and will get their sign soon and he says to do this work soon as he wants to send bulldozer to demolish that building and he asks to send it, thapki hears it and gets shocked…..

Precap: we will see a new family enters in pandey niwas and spits on pandey’s family pic and a lady says that this house is theirs from now on and thapki and bihaan gets shocked…..

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