Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video TPK: Pandey Nivaas Board Fallen On The Road

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see thapki hearing the man’s conversation. There suman and preeti talks that they are feeling bad coz vasu left home but they would feel good if she gave keys to them. Then shradha comes and scolds preeti to use her lipstick but preeti says that her lipstick got over so she used her, shradaha warns them to use her things and they taunt her that what is she doing here if dhruv is not here and they will kick her out from the house and shradha got worried thinking that she has to do something to stay in the house.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

There bauji checks paper to sign but thapki comes and stops bauji to sign and asks the man that they were thinking that the owner will run this channel but he wants to demolish this building. Bauji asks the man that why didn’t he tell him then he says that how it matters as this is his boss dicision. then thapki shows that viewer’s letter for dhruv and says that this channel is ideal for many people that’s why she wont let this channel to stop. Bauji asks that man to go and he asks thapki that who will run this channel now? will she run, she even cant talk well. There dadi thinks about vasu that she should know about dhruv’s channel selling and just then a parcel comes from vasu.

Preeti and suman says that these are shrinagar items for pooja and dadi asks them to give them to shradaha too. And shradha comes in simple clothes and says that she is also responsible like dhruv and vasu as she helped him, and says that if they are repenting then why cant she? so she decided to live like a widow and will repent and thinks that no one can kick her out from this house now. Then thapki comes to bihaan he was playing with kids outside and she takes her to the office and says that he will run this channel. Bihan says that he is illiterate and that man says that its not kids play, and thapki says that she wont let this channel to become a toy of his owner and tha man says that ok he is going leaving documents there as they will need them and leaves, bauji says that they wont need them. Then they all come home and tells everyone that they are not selling the channel as thapki wants bihaan to run this channel and all gets shocked. They ask that bihaan is illiterate then how will he? But thapki makes bihaan understand that courage and determination can develop a huge business not only studies and she will help him completely, then everyone agrees and bihaan too. Then shradha comes and thapki asks her to not to live like this and shradha insists to let her live like this as she wants to repent, then thapki agrees and consoles her. There that mystery man orders someone to create hungama in channel and saya that they will get everything in pandey house. A man comes and cuts the electricity in pandey house.

Then thapki irons bihaan’s tshirt by hot water pot and makes him wear his coat. They get ready for office and a man comes and cuts water line and gas line in kitchen. Then dadi asks for dahi and sugar for bihaan and thapki feels the smell of gas in kitchen and gets the pipe is cutted. She runs outside and stops dadi to burn diya for aarti as gas is leaking, and bihaan calls someone to get it repair and all come outside the house and thapki and bihaan leave.

Someone calls mystry man and informs that the work is done. Bihaan and thapki reach office and finds some men protesting against bihaan and bihaan beats them as they insult thapki and him, police comes and stops fighting. There bauji informs and everyone leave for office. The staff come with their resignation letters and family reach there and dadi makes understand the staff that if pandit is changed in temple then we don’t leave to go in temple that’s why they should not leave the office and they agree.

Dadi hugs thapki and bihaan and says that they all will run this channel together. They all come home and see pandey niwas board is fallen on road and there is jaiswal niwas board in place of it…..

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