Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th June 2016 Online Updates: Thapki Screams Seeing Gorilla

thapki pyaar ki

Last night in Thapki Pyaar Ki we saw that Vasundhra blessed Thapki and said that God will give you all the happiness of this world and said that Shraddha is taking care of me well. Shraddha thought that she will not let Vasundhra touch the ladoos. Thus she went to store room where she found all the clothes of vasundhra torn by rats.

Vasunshra came there saw Shraddha and asked her why you did this all ? Shraddha asked Vasundhra that she will move to market and will bring some new ones for her. Vasundhra said that you can’t go outside in this state and thus she asked for any old Saree. Shraddha was happy as everything was moving according to her plan.

thapki pyaar ki

Dadi asked Thapki to call someone for extracting honey from bee hive. Thapki replied that I will take number from Maa. Dadi denied and then Suman and Preeti decides to do this so as to raise in Dadi’s eyes. They both moved there by covering themselves with blanket. All the bees moved behind them. Everyone came there and saw them running ahead of Bees. They all seated in the car and bees surrounds them. Shraddha gave old saree to Vasundhra.

Vasundhra weared the dress of a maid and asked Shraddha not to wipe the floor in this thi state thus she started cleaning the floor. Also we saw that Vasundhra realized that she is paying for her deeds. She made Thapki a maid and today she is a madi itself.

Tonight in Thapki Pyaar Ki we will see that Thapki will scream seeing a gorilla in her room. She will get panic and will fell down on the floor. Gorilla will hold her and Bihaan will reach there. Let’s see how long will this twist of gorilla go. Till then stay tuned with The News Recorder and keep watching the show.

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